Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weeky Wrap-Up - December 19

Ok, so I'm a couple days late, close enough . . .

Last week was a good week. SOOOO nice to be home all week! But even so, Christmas is sneaking up on me, yet again this year, sigh . . . oh well.

We're continuing with school, focusing mostly on things we're reviewing.

- Bible (Christmas), we're doing a "Jesus Tree" devotional for Christmas. Each day includes an ornament to color and a short Bible story, going through the plan of salvation from creation to Jesus's birth (we'll read that one on Christmas eve)

- Bible part 2 - we're reviewing a Bible curriculum right now as well, so we're doing that in addition to our Christmas devotionals. We're learning about creation in that study.

- Spanish - we're taking a break from our regular Spanish curriculum, but I got a fun Spanish calendar that teaches us the days of the week, numbers 1-31, and months of the year (by having us say "Today is Tuesday, the 21st of December" in Spanish each day (only using the appropriate day/date/month, obviously). It also has a "sentence per week" split over the days of the week, so we learn a couple words/phrase each day and put them together each Friday to learn a new sentence in Spanish. It's a fun, quick, way to add a little bit of Spanish into our days.

-Spanish part 2 - we're reviewing a series of online Spanish videos. The big girls are less than excited about them so far (it's an immersion-based program, they prefer a vocabulary approach), but Little Bit LOVES them. The "character" on the videos is a purple puppet with no nose and big ears named Speekee, and for some reason, she thinks it's a wolf, so she'll point to my computer, do the sign for wolf and say "bee bee" when she wants to watch it.

- World History - We finished listening to the first volume of "The Story of the World" on CD late in the week (I think I'd mentioned that we were listening to it from the library). We're taking a few days off from World History to get past Christmas, then we will dig abit deeper into some of the events/stories we've heard about (using resources I already have, this is why I save every free resource that crosses my path LOL) while we wait for Vol 2 to be available from the library (I've reserved it, but there are still 2 or 3 people ahead of me, so we probably have a month or more to wait).

- Time Line - In conjunction with world history, we're doing a time line. I printed out the figures from Homeschool in the Woods' History Through the Ages and am working on gluing them onto index cards. Then we took a wall of the dining room and hung ribbons that we can clip the index cards to. My goal was to keep up with the CD we were listening to, but I got behind, so I need to get caught up before we move on to Vol. 2  LOL.  In addition to adding things from the World History CD, if we learn about "history" in other topics (for example, if we continue with the above mentioned Bible curriculum, that I believe is chronological, we can add the Bible events as we learn about them), we'll add those in as well, to help us get a visual overall picture of when things happened. Not sure how much the girls are getting out of it, but I'm finding it fascinating LOL.  I chose to use index cards so that we can adapt it as needed. If we go with American History next school year, we can hang just the time line related to American History, or whatever we're learning about. Whatever cards we're not using, we'll keep in chronological order in an index card file box.

 In non-school news. We're continuing to get back in the "groove" of chores (awwww . . . Mom . . . do we HAVE to?), and laundry and groceries and other fun things.

When our neighbor was over (the week before, I think, but close enough) she snapped this picture of Little Bit "helping" me in the kitchen. It can be challenging to have her able to reach everything (and yes, that's pretty much my only counter-work-space in the kitchen, there's a low "desk-height" counter in what used to be the fireplace, but it's low and dark and you have to duck into the fireplace. It works well as a workspace for the girls, when it's not piled high with stuff, it's a TERRIBLE hotspot for me, sigh . . .). Anyway . . . she LOVES to "help". That is her "toll" (stool) and she gets very annoyed if anyone moves it. While we certainly don't let her stand there unattended when the stove is on, she knows that it is "hot", and will say it before I can LOL.  One time after hubby made breakfast there was an iron skillet sitting on that front burner closest to her and a wood spoon still in it (and the remains of the scrambled eggs stuck to the pan until I got around to cleaning it), and she had great fun "stirring" the cold pan.

Friday, Rodney was home, so he and the big girls had a cookie-baking day.  I had a headache, so didn't get any pictures (or do any of the 101 other things I was planning to do that day, sigh).

Sabbath, the big girls had been asked to tell children's story at church. After much discussion during the week, they decided to tell "the legend of the candycane" and hand out candy canes to the kids. I'm not sure how much the kids got out of the "legend" (there aren't really any kids A1 & A2's age at our church, so when they TELL the story, their audience is primarily 3 & under), but they were more than happy to get candy canes (we printed out the "legend" and tied it onto the candycanes too). And I think the adults enjoyed the story, so it worked well.

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