Monday, January 21, 2013

A Few Outside Pictures

I actually remembered to snap a couple pictures of our yard and such while we were on our "nature walk" this afternoon. Thought I'd share before I forget:

The front of the house. There are ramps up to each door because the previous owner was handicapped. The driveway loops completely around the house. There appears to be quite abit of stuff planted in the flower beds along this side of the drive, I'll be interested to see what comes up this spring/summer :)

Side yard. you can see the side of the house, the gazebo (I took a better picture of it, the girls LOVE it!) And the detached garage. There's a "bonus room" above the garage, though not insulated or heated or anything. I haven't been up there, but my dad has. At this point it's only accessible by a ladder (there's a door at the back of the garage, but you have to climb a ladder to get to it). We'll eventually tear off the lean-to on the back of the garage and put stairs up to it.

The end of the house, and back porch. The door goes into the kitchen.

The gazebo. The evergreen trees are on the neighbor's land (he just planted them, I assume they'll form a complete hedgerow once they grow). There's a "porch swing" in the gazebo too.

The back yard. you can see the corner of the garage on the left, and the corner of the retaining wall by the back porch on the right. There's poles for a clothesline in the yard. The outside toys, we've just stacked there beside the garage for now, someday we'll figure out where we want them. There's a fire pit back aways (there's a blue recycle bin next to it that I haven't bothered to go and get, previous owners left it there). Beyond it, there's a creek (if you look really close you can see the bridge across it, but probably only if you know where to look. Beyond that is the "weeds" and the metal building. I haven't even gone back to look at it, I don't think it's at all useable. The previous owner suggested that the area we live in has quite a few restrictions on "new construction" but very few restrictions on "additions" so leaving the metal building there would give the option of "adding on" to it if we ever wanted a shed or greenhouse or something back there. Our property line is somewhere beyond the metal building. The "pretty" shed is just another storage shed. the property line on that side runs somewhere in the general vicinity of the tree line behind that shed.

And that's the outside. I didn't take any pictures of the other side of the house, but it's just the front porch. and such, all the "fun" is on the garage side.

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