Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's For the Birds!

Since my blog's been abit sparse on actual HOMESCHOOL-related posts recently, I thought I'd do things a little bit differently and talk about what we are going to be doing instead of things we've done. And today's topic is . . . birds!

One thing I have wanted to include more of for awhile now, is nature studies. The girls love learning about nature, and I truly believe that learning more about God's creation is one of the best ways to know Him better, but somehow we never get around to it.

Now Little Bit is starting "school". We are using the same waldorf-based preschool curriculum that I used with the big girls at this age. While I have some HUGE disagreements with some aspects of Waldorf, and could never, in good conscience, send my children to a Waldorf school, I do LOVE that there is such a strong emphasis on art and nature. And I love that, for littles, there is very little emphasis on "academics". So, an at-home, Waldorf-based curriculum for preschool is a good fit for us when little ones start saying they want to "do school". An added benefit this time around is that the art and nature are mostly things that the big girls will enjoy just as much at age 9-10 as they did at age 3-4!

So, as we slowly inch into this program, I thought I'd share our nature plans for the next couple months.

This first unit focuses on birds. And the timing is good because we just moved and are keeping the cats INSIDE at least for now. Moccasin is an amazingly adept bird-catcher, has been since he was a kitten, so I always felt like it was somehow cruel to encourage birds into our yard when he was outside. Now he's inside and can just sit at the window and WISH he could get at the birds LOL.  Also, the previous owners obviously liked birds, and left us a bird bath, bird feeder AND a watering can hanging from the eaves of the garage that he (former owner) told us he was leaving because the birds like to nest in it. How cool is that?!?!

Winter seems like the perfect time to learn more about birds. The birds appreciate the food, if we set up the bird feeder, etc in the right place we can enjoy watching the birds visit us from the warmth of the house.

We plan to set up the bird feeder that the last owners left here, decide where we want the birdbath (though it would be pointless to fill it until it warms up), maybe clean out the watering can/bird house. We'll also make some other birdfeeders - the roll a pinecone or something in peanut butter and birdseed variety :) As it gets closer to spring we may collect yarn and other nesting materials in a mesh bag and hang it out for the birds to use to build their nests.  If life has settled down enough by then, I'd love to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count next month, we shall see . . .


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Bethany said...

We love nature study and use a lot of Waldorf concepts too!

I'm following you now from the crew! :)