Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - September 15

What a FUN week!

Sunday we visited Rodney's mom, always nice to see her :) Little Bit was playing with some dolls that Grandmom has for the kids to play with, and decided the babies were "hungry".  She's never been as "into" baby dolls as her sisters were, so it was fun to see her nursing her babies, like they did so often at that age :)

Tuesday we went to Sight and Sound's production of Noah!! It had been a couple years since we'd made it to Sight and Sound, so the girls (and the grown ups, we ALL love Sight and Sound!) were excited about going again. Little Bit came with us to Creation when she was a baby, and actually sat, mesmerized, by the whole thing instead of nursing to sleep like I expected her to do, but when we went to Joseph, when she was a toddler, she stayed with our neighbor so I could actually watch the show instead of trying to keep a wiggly toddler sitting quietly, so she didn't remember it at all, but since the big girls were excited, she was too :)

We got there, and sat down and right before the show started my best friend, Vicki and her family came in and sat next to us!!! She and Rodney had arranged the whole thing!! Vicki lives near my parents, so we see each other a few times a year, but this year with all the busyness, it had been several months!

Noah was, as expected, FABULOUS! Little Bit was restless for the first part (lots of talking about building the ark and such, not much to catch and hold 4 yr old's attention), but once the animals came in, and then while Noah and his family were "in the ark" with TONS of (mostly mechanical, but still cool looking) animals, including the hoped-for giraffes (Little Bit's favorite animal), she was hooked.

After the show Vicki's family and our family went to Olive Garden together. Sooo good to spend time together! Her husband snapped a picture of Vicki and me and all our kids as we were visiting after the meal (don't mind the messy table, or bad lighting):

So that was our excitement and fun last week. Wednesday Ashlyn and I had a "date" (for every 14 days of chores they do, they get a date with a parent).

Thursday was "exciting" but not fun. I'd mentioned to Rodney on Wed, that the oil light was on in my car. He said as long as it wasn't red, that he'd wait until we got back from music lessons and take care of it, but about the time I got to music lessons, it came on again and it WAS red. I called him, and he said to just stay put and he'd come add oil so I could drive home. So, since I didn't relish the idea of trying to keep Little Bit quietly occupied at music lessons for the 2+ hours that their combined lessons take, I decided to just keep her in the car, watching a video until after he came and added the oil.  While she was doing that, I started gathering up the trash and toys that seem to appear overnight in my car, and when I moved a lapdesk that had, apparently been on the floor under Little Bit's "feet" for to long, I discovered some bug larvae COVERING the floor under it.  EEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!! I just put it back down for the time being, but once we left music lesson, I told Lexie and Ashlyn we had a new "job" for that day. Sent Lina in the house with Rodney and the girls and I got busy taking EVERYTHING out of the car.  Anything fabric, we threw in a laundry basket and I took straight to the washer and dryer.  The cups and such that typically live in the car for me to pass out snacks in, I made a pile of in the yard and later (once we'd finished cleaning out the car, itself, I set to work washing dishes and told the girls to bring me those dishes slowly enough that I could put them straight into the dishwater and not take any cahnce of bugs crawling out of them onto my counter). The trash, went straight to the fire pit and was burned. . . toys and such were checked VERY thoroughly for bugs before taking them in the house . . . HUGE job, once it was done, and I'd "vacuumed" as best I could with our little rechargeable dust buster thingy, I asked Rodney to stop on his way to get my oil changed, and vacuum it out more thoroughly at a carwash, which, being the awesome husband he is, he did, despite being sick (he started coming down with a bad cold on Tuesday and was pretty miserable the rest of the week).

So that was our frustrating Thursday. The "good news" is, the girls are abit in awe of how "clean" the car is after a thorough cleaning out and vacuuming, and seem to be much more motivated to KEEP it clean now. I pointed out that, at age 10, they are most definitely old enough to bring trash in after they have a snack, and to bring in whatever toys, etc. they take with them. And that if they set a good example of that, and encourage her, Little bit will follow suite. So, we shall see . . .

Friday's weather was GORGEOUS!!!! Cool, and LOVELY (even more welcome after suffering with the muggy heat on Thursday, when we were cleaning out the car).  I decided it was a "play outside" kind of school day, so we did circle time, watched part of a "What's in the Bible" DVD (affiliate link) for Bible, and then headed outside for the rest of the morning.

Friday was also Rodney's birthday, but since he was still sick, we didn't do much to celebrate :(

And that was our week. Some AWESOME things (like Sight and Sound) and some NOT awesome things (like bugs), so it all balances out :)

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