Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up - September 9

What DID we do last week? I didn't take many pictures so now I have to go on memory . . . sigh . . .

My parents came back up for the first part of the week. Dad got the shelving done in our bathroom (I should take a picture of that . . . but first I need to get things put back ON those shelves . . . maybe by next week . . .). I LOVE how they look! But I've been giving them some extra time to make sure the paint is fully cured before I put stuff on them.

He also got a good start on the vanity light in the bathroom. Since we only have one bathroom, and I'm not the type to take up room in my bedroom with a "dressing table", I needed decent lighting over the bathroom mirror for the once in a blue moon that I bother to put makeup on. AND when we bought the house the mirror, while pretty (the previous owner had handmade a frame around the mirror to match the cabinet he built for the sink) was hung WAY too high to allow for an outlet under the mirror. So, since it IS nice to have an outlet near the bathroom sink/mirror (for people who use things like hairdryers and curling irons LOL) but the mirror REALLY needed to be lower, Dad put in a new outlet, as well as a switch for the vanity light, and did the wiring for that. The mirror looks WAY better, and is much more USABLE at it's new height.  For the vanity light I wanted a light made out of mason jars. Dad got the board for it up and the middle light, so I DO have a vanity light in there, eventually he'll add 2 more lights on the sides, but that didn't make the cut for things to do this week.

And finally, he cut down a couple dead trees by the end of our driveway that were making it hard to see to safely turn out of that side of the driveway.  One of them had a woodpecker nest in it (we knew it had, we'd watched the woodpecker making the hole this spring, it was really cool to watch, but by now we could tell it was deserted, so it was time to cut it down.  The girls decided that the woodpecker "tree" needed to be kept as is, instead of cut into lengths for bonfires. And promptly set to work setting up the old chicken coop behind the garage into a "museum".  It's been their on-going project all week and they did a great job with it :) As an added bonus, in order to do all of that, they had to straighten up the shed area where alot of their outside toys (and other random junk) was thrown, such that it blocked the door into the chicken coop, so they straightened that up without any prompting, much less nagging, from me, BONUS! :)

Friday I took the girls to Sesame Place for one last time this season. Honestly, I wouldn't have gone this late (this time of year they're only open weekends (and that Friday, for some reason), so it's more crowded), and certainly not on as cool a day as Friday was (highs were right around 70), BUT last time we were there, I lost Ashlyn's season pass (I'm guessing that her's was the one I randomly grabbed to show that I got a member discount on popcorn, and either didn't get it back from the popcorn vendor or when I put it back in my pocket I somehow dropped it) and we need it for Bush Gardens later this month. So . . . we went. It actually worked out pretty well. We went on dry rides either together or the big girls went on one while I took Little Bit on one, then Little Bit played in her beloved "Ernie pool" while the big girls went on their favorite water slide (the rubber ducky). Little Bit and I waited while the big girls went on the other "big kid" water slides, though if she hadn't decided to throw an (unrelated) tantrum, that took up the whole time, we could have gone on the nearby dry rides while they were on those slides. The only downside of the day was that the a road closure on the way home meant it took us FOREVER to get home, sigh . ..  but we made it :)

Sabbath, Miss Penny taught the girls how to make coffee filter butterflies and flowers, so when we got home they gathered up coffee filters, markers and pipe cleaners and I didn't see them the rest of the afternoon LOL.

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