Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - The Williamsburg Edition

We spent last week in Williamsburg, VA. Our "purpose" was Historic Williamsburg's Homeschool Days but while we were there we also got our last bit of use out of our Sesame Place passes, and spent a couple days at Busch Gardens.

Sunday was a Busch Gardens day.

The big girls spent most of their day on the big roller coasters (when they weren't humoring their baby sister), which doesn't really lend itself to pictures LOL. But suffice it to say that they rode every roller coaster in the park. Their favorite is the biggest/scariest one (the one that you couldn't pay me to go on!).

Little Bit enjoyed the Sesame Street area, and convinced her sisters to take turns going on the dragon ride with her. The first time they rode it, she thought the water that arches OVER the ride would hit her, like it does on the water rides at Sesame Place, so that's why she's hiding her face in the picture :)

After we finished at Sesame Place, the big girls and Mama and I went on the big log flume ride. It was cold enough out that we had the ride to ourselves, so we went on it 3 or 4 times in a row :)

Papa took Little Bit on a train ride around the park, and introduced her to the sky ride, which became one of her favorite rides :)

One of the rides Little Bit wanted to go on the last time we were at Sesame Place, but we didn't have time to do was the Cloud Chaser. So when she saw the Wirbelwindchen, she couldn't wait to ride it. Look at that grin! It's the world's SLOWEST ride I've ever seen, but she seemed to like it. Then I took her on Der Wirbelwind, she was in HEAVEN! "Mommy, it's just like flying!"

Monday through Thursday we spent at Colonial Williamsburg.  As always, the big girls LOVED every minute of it.

It occurs to me, as I begin sorting through these pictures, that trying to talk about the whole week in ONE post would be a really long post (and since it's Tuesday night and I'm just STARTING to sort through those pictures, it would probably not actually get POSTED until next week, at the earliest. So . . . stay tuned for the REST of the Williamsburg Edition :)

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