Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - Nov 3

We had a pretty quiet week overall.

Sewing, playing outside, learning about steam, by doing fun things like making popcorn, and watching a youtube video of popcorn popping in slow motion. . . .To coordinate EXTREMELY well with the steam stuff (which was part of our preschool water unit), in science we made a "water cycle" by planting a plant in a sealed plastic container with a cup of water in the container. It's pretty cool to now see the water condensed and running down the sides. 

The last part of the week was . . . not too great. The cold that I've been trying to avoid as it's worked its way through all 3 of the kids, finally hit me, full force, ugh! On an extremely positive note, the day I felt the worst, and Rodney was travelling for work, I asked the girls to PLEASE play nicely together, and make sure Little Bit stayed safe, so I could take a much-needed-nap. They DID!! All 3 of them, without ONCE running to me whining about anything, ALL afternoon!!! Granted, their "play" included putting on a "ball" (as in dressing in princess dresses and "dancing") in their bedroom, which is right above MY bedroom, but I didn't have the heart to tell them that doing the Virginia Reel in the room above where I'm trying to sleep isn't exactly conducive to my sleeping. 

Since that was the night that I'd promised them a trip to Pizza Hut to cash in their Book It coupons for October, and I wasn't up to that, we substituted ice cream and watching Cinderella. It seemed to work well. And of course we still have to go to Pizza Hut sometime before the end of November to use those coupons :) 

Friday, I was still feeling pretty lousy, and Rodney had come down with the cold too. As we were mostly "vegging", the big girls were outside trying to clear some weeds on the back of our property and somehow Ashlyn managed to poke herself in the foot with the pitchfork, sigh . . . Lexie came in and got us, but didn't really give us any feel for how serious it was, or wasn't. Thankfully, it wasn't serious enough to require medical attention, and by evening she was dancing around the bedroom, and said it only hurt when bumped. Made for a stressful day though . . .  At least Rodney could stay home with Ashlyn while I went to the library (my one frustration with the library here is that it's closed both Sunday and Monday, I wish the extra day closed (due to budget cuts) was sometime in the middle of the week instead of back-to-back with Sunday) since putting a shoe one wasn't really something she wanted to do that first day.

By Sabbath, Ashlyn still didn't want to wear a shoe, but did go to Sabbath School (wearing just a sock on that foot). The curriculum we are using in Sabbath School frequently has a "Bible Character" tell the story, and Lexie and Ashlyn are LOVING being able to play those parts. On their own, they decided that it is better if they don't have to READ the story, so on the weeks that one of them dresses up and tells the story, she also memorizes it! Shhhh . . . don't tell them, but they're learning lots as "helpers" in the little kid class!!! :) This week Lexie was Tabitha/Dorcus, and, not to be left out, Ashlyn was her "friend" so they could both sit in our Palestinian "house" and "sew" while Lexie told the story. We made some sewing cards for the kids to "sew" on too, so they weren't left out either :) 

Rodney was sick enough that he stayed home, and I was still feeling pretty lousy, so the rest of Sabbath was a true day of REST.

Here's hoping that we can all get to feeling better QUICKLY, and have a good, sick/injury free week this week! 

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