Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - November 10

We started the week with both Rodney and I fighting colds (and losing, sigh). We squeezed little bits and pieces of school in between my naps, and I was struck with how much reading/talking I do for school on a normal day - having an almost gone voice makes a person much more aware of such things.

As we continue to enjoy Chemistry and Physics, the girls were learning about atoms and elements and all that fun stuff. To better visualize "water" they made hydrogen and oxygen atoms using gobstoppers and nerds on paper plates. Even Little Bit gets into science when it involves candy LOL.
Showing off their finished H2O!
We had some wonderfully warm weather and, after ignoring the sandbox all summer, Little Bit re-noticed it this week. I love the . . . homeyness . . . of her playing in the sandbox with the laundry on the line :)
Sandbox time
We're continuing to enjoy our "early Christmas" studies on Tuesdays, as we review a Christmas unit study (look for that review in just a few days!).  This week's study was about Germany and included making gingerbread houses. All three girls thought that was great fun, though I think getting to lick the frosting off their fingers, and then eat their creations was the biggest draw LOL.

I wish I'd gotten some pictures of Sabbath School this week. It was a fun program. We were learning about Paul on the road to Damascus. We started by trying to guide balloons along masking tape lines using brooms, but not our hands or feet. And we talked about how challenging that was as a lead-in to learning about how challenging Saul found being blind.

Lexie played the part of Saul to tell us all about it. 

And we finished off class with an obstacle course. We blind-folded the kids and lead them through the obstacle course to help them see what it would be like to be blind.

Sabbath afternoon we took advantage of another day of not-too-cold-yet weather and headed to Hershey's ZooAmerica! Little Bit was really excited to be able to feel a real giraffe skin (her favorite animal), and we all enjoyed seeing the animals. It was chilly but not too cold to have fun. 

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