Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Book Review: If I Had Lunch with C.S. Lewis by Alister McGrath

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In If I Had Lunch With C. S. Lewis, Alister McGrath imagines the kinds of conversations that one could have over lunch with C. S. Lewis. He uses Lewis's prolific writings, as well as research that he's done into Lewis's life, to determine how Lewis might answer questions on various deep topics ranging from whether God exists, to Heaven, to death . . .

I have been a big fan of C. S. Lewis since I was a teenager. One of my favorite college classes, was a literature class on his writings. But, it's been many years since I've read his works, and this book was a great "refresher" on just why, I've always loved Lewis's writings. I felt that McGrath did a good job of providing important background information on Lewis's life to help us understand how he thought, and why he wrote what he wrote.  I came away from this book feeling that I knew C. S. Lewis, the person, a little better, and with a renewed interest in going back and re-reading many of his books. This is a great read for anyone who already loves Lewis's writings, or is interested in learning more about him and his writings.

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