Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up - Of Sorts - May 18

My week can pretty much be summed up as "Hubby's surgery" . . . and that's an on-going saga, though he is, slowly, improving . . .

Since my last update, he's been slowly getting better about breathing with/around the breathing tube, which is what has to happen before they can remove it. . . someone today said they might try removing it tomorrow, we'll see how he does.

They've also gotten rid of a TON of fluid. His hands finally are back to normal size, which is a great indication that he doesn't have so much fluid causing swelling that's restricting his breathing.

Last night he seemed to be really "awake" for the first time . . . he wanted me to talk to him, and seemed to be actually hearing me and interested. He started wanting to ask questions, so we played a really slow game where I'd go through the alphabet and he'd squeeze my hand when I got to the right letter. . .

He also watched tv some, and just generally seemed to be "awake". . .
She decided
Today he's been writing what he wants. The nurse gave him paper and a marker, but he was going to go through tons of paper because he kept wanting to write things, so I opened up "Skitch" on my tablet and he's been writing on it with his finger. It let's him tell me what he needs instead of me having to play 20 questions.

The physical therapist has been working with him some. Yesterday he couldn't even lift his arms and legs off the bed, though he could lift/move them when she held them off the bed. Today not only could he do all of yesterday's stuff much more easily, but she actually had him sitting on the side of the bed, supported, but still, sitting!

The physical therapist decided he'd be more comfortable in a different kind of recliner/chair than what's in the room already so didn't try to move him into that, she's ordering the other one.

This evening the fever that he's had off and on spiked higher, so he's pretty miserable with that. They just gave him some tylanol, which means his body can't use the fever as effectively to fight, but he'll be more comfortable.

Other than the fever kicking his butt at the moment, he's been much better today, kinda makes me feel like there might be an end in sight . . . he's been coughing more today, I think being more active, and sitting up for those few minutes, knocked some "gunk" loose, which makes me even more anxious to get that tube out so he can just cough gunk up instead of having it come up into the tube and have to be suctioned off.

So that's the surgery update.

The girls continue to enjoy Camp Mama and Papa. My dad's been keeping them out of trouble, and the older girls have been helping Mama with meals and by "babysitting" my grandma, who's 96, and kind of confused and needs some watching . . . I think she enjoys the girls being there chattering at her and such :) I'm hoping in the next couple of days, to have Rodney's sister come stay with him for a day while I go up to give my mom a break, see the girls, and do laundry (and get a shower, though I found a bathroom here where the sink is in the stall, so paper towel baths are working ok until then).

Some of this might be repeat from the last update because the days all run together and I've been trying to write this post all day and need to get it DONE so I'm not going to go back and read the other one. . . My dad lowered the seats on his and mom's bikes as low as they'd go and Lexie and Ashlyn are just barely tall enough to ride them. One day this past week Dad gave them a challenge: see how many times they could ride to grandma's house and back (a nice long driveway between the 2 houses) in half an hour. They ended up riding 6 miles!

Meanwhile, Dad was cleaning out/sorting through some junk and Little Bit was "helping". She found a box of parts of old doorknobs, all tossed together in a box. She sat and played with them and examined them and managed to find 2 pieces that went together to make a complete doorknob. Dad was pretty impressed with that . . . she's Little Miss Observant and Details :)

Little Bit's been having fun biking too, and Dad raised the training wheels somewhat on her bike so she's learning to ride with it abit more "wobbly".

The girls have also been busy helping my mom in the kitchen (hopefully they're "helping" not just adding to the chaos) and also keeping my grandma company, especially when she wants to sit outside.

So, that's pretty much all I know about my kids' week. Seems weird to have not seen them for over a week! I'm so thankful they're safe, and happy and in good hands right now though.

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