Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up - May 11

Our main focus this week was getting ready for my husband's surgery, tomorrow.

I probably would have thrown school completely out the window if it wasn't that we have alot of review stuff going on right now.

Bible - a review product, that I can include the big girls AND Little Bit in, Lexie and Ashlyn were ambiguous about reviewing this because they have been really enjoying our regular Bible this year, but now that we're into this one, they're loving it too.

We Choose Virtues - we reviewed this a few years ago, and I re-used it with Little Bit, E, and J this past winter, but when we had a chance to review another "piece" of it this year, I figured we could all use the re-fresher, and it's going well, another one that includes all 3 girls. (this month, use promo code BIG50 to get 50% off 11x17 Kids of VirtueVille Posters).

This week finished up our review of an American History curriculum, watch for that review in the next couple of days.

Learning Palette: We got access to the web version of this for all 3 girls, so they've been playing with that, then Tuesday we received a HUGE box of goodies from the same company. Little Bit's excited to play with her new "toys" and getting the Learning Wrap-ups has renewed Lexie and Ashlyn's interest in drilling multiplication and division, woo-hoo! It also meant a nice big box of "entertainment" to take along to the grandparents' house where the girls are staying while Daddy has surgery.

Besides all of that, the girls played outside as much as possible.  I had to laugh at them, last week, on a hot afternoon, they wanted to play in the creek, but it was too soon after a heavy rain and the creek was too flooded for me to be comfortable with them getting in. By Sunday it had gone down enough that Rodney said it was safe, but it was COLD! But, not to miss their chance, they put on their suits and got in. Little Bit lasted about 30 seconds and then I took her inside and let her "swim" in a warm bath instead. The big girls stayed out in there for quite awhile though! Silly kids!

Somewhere in between all that, we managed to get current on laundry and the girls packed for their trip to Mama and Papa's, where they're staying while Rodney's in the hospital. They were even ready to leave for music lessons EARLY (that doesn't usually happen even withOUT having to be loaded up for a trip!).

Little Bit wasn't too excited about being away from me, even if she gets to be with Mama and Papa. So, since she was going to have the iPad with her, Thursday morning, she, with Lexie's help, made sure she had a picture of her with her mommy, and her with her cat, Joy :)

Since we were going straight to my parents' house after music lessons, I didn't have to make my usual grocery shopping, and going to the farm for milk & eggs during music lessons. So I took Little Bit to a playground instead. She LOVED it!!

After music lessons we headed to Mama and Papa's.

Friday morning I headed back to PA, to the CHAP homeschool convention, and the girls apparently had a very busy day at Mama and Papa's. Based on e-mails from the big girls, they spent their day decorating their playhouse for Mama's birthday (yesterday), weeding flower beds, helping Mama cook, and getting to see a black snake that Papa found, and showed them.

Yesterday, Ashlyn tells me that Little Bit actually went to her SS class alone (usually she wants me to go with her), and said it was fun :)

So that was our week. Tomorrow my husband's scheduled for heart valve replacement surgery, please keep him in your prayers!

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