Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Typically Untypical Day . . .

Our Homeschool Day in Pictures

I thought it would be fun to join with other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew and document a "typical" day in pictures . . . but of course, we're homeschoolers, there's not really any such things as a typical day. And, I'm not always good at remembering to take pictures, or knowing where my camera/phone is and some things just aren't very photogenic . . . afterall, I COULD take a picture of the girls sitting on the sofa listening to me read for Bible AND a picture of them sitting on the sofa listening to me read for history AND . . . well, you get the idea . . . So, just as we tend to be eclectic, the pictures of our day are abit eclectic too . . . 

In a perfect world, my day would start with a QUIET cup of coffee with nobody bothering me . . . in reality, not so much, but while I haven't achieved the quiet, with nobody bothering me, part, I *do* almost always manage to start my day with a nice big cup of coffee!

Today, Little Bit started her day as a princess . . . with a baby . . . she actually wore that tiara most of the day, and after I'd pretty much determined her to not be a "doll girl" she's been carrying that doll around pretty consistently too. 

We've been really busy lately and the house showed it. So while Ashlyn worked on breakfast, I asked Lexie and Little Bit to go through the downstairs and put away anything they knew what to do with. A big part of that was dealing with shoes, I'm convinced I live with a family of millipedes! 

After breakfast was Bible. As I mentioned above, alot of our school day ends up looking the same, kids sitting wherever suits their fancy, listening, coloring, working on school work. I think this picture was actually independent work, but we'll put it here and not bore you with lots of pictures of kids sitting and looking at books.

After Bible, I hang laundry. I know I'm weird, but there's something sooo therapeutic about hanging laundry on the line! So even now that the twins are old enough that it could easily become one of their chores, I keep this chore as MINE! Generally the girls all play outside while I hang laundry, so it also insures some fresh air for all of us. 
The rest of the morning was more school. Reading stories, working independently . . . .all great stuff, but nothing that really made for interesting pictures. And I didn't think to snap any pictures of making or eating lunch. I DID snap a picture of the dishes all washed and draining, which was my exciting after-lunch activity. In theory, Little Bit's job is to dry the dishes, but in reality, most of the time I just let them drain dry and then whoever gets around to it puts them away once they're dry.

While I was washing dishes, Lexie and Lina were enjoying our lovely fall weather and playing outside. As you can see Little Bit still has her tiara on, and the doll's in a sling. It's fun to see her using the sling that a friend made for Lexie and Ashlyn to use with their dolls 7 or 8 years ago :)  I have no idea what Lexie was doing, but they were having fun and getting fresh air and not fighting, so it's all good.
Meanwhile Ashlyn was practicing piano. Once she finished with practice she went outside too and all the kids spent most of the afternoon outside. 

I did suggest that Lexie practice too. Which she did, mostly outside, under the guise of "performing for the princess".  Since I was busy inside and didn't rush out to take pictures, I took a picture of her playing for me when she came back inside later :) 
Finally it was supper time. Lexie made supper tonight. She made roasted potatoes or, as she called them, "baked potato bites", and served them with baked potato-type toppings, included freshly made pico de gallo. It was YUMMY! And apparently a hit all around, there were no leftovers!
Little Bit wanted to show off her plate. I was thrilled, after she's been on an "I don't like broccoli" kick for the last little while (which is kind of a problem in our family, we generally eat broccoli at least a couple times a week and the rest of us love it), to hear her say that she loves broccoli, and for once she ate her serving without any complaints, and even took more with her seconds of other food.

We watched 19 Kids and Counting while we ate supper, Little Bit isn't big on "Sissies' TV" so she watched her own tv on the iPad while she ate.

 After supper there was more exciting things like cleaning up the kitchen and such and then it was time for bedtime stories. . . . more sitting on the sofa coloring and such while I read, although the girls also play on their iPods sometimes while I read, like that final picture.
I DID plan to take pictures of Lexie and Little Bit cuddled together in bed while Lexie read a bedtime story to Little Bit, but my phone was out of battery by then, so no pictures of that, or of all the girls tucked in for the night.

Still, I hope you enjoyed these random glimpses of a day in our life.


Michelle said...

Love your title - I agree - hard to have a "typical" day! Love the moments you captured!

MJ @ Creative Madness Mama said...

Aren't phones wonderful? Not that we need one more piece of technology really, but as I hit the three child mark (or was it back at two?) toting around the real camera in a normal day just doesn't seem to work out well. The cell phone however, it's always nearby. (Or if it makes a sound, two little girls squealing bring it to me...)