Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up for the Week of October 12

Our week began with Mama and Papa here to take advantage of the non-rainy days in the forecast. A big project that we needed to get done while the weather was good was tarring the roof where the previous owner cut the shingles, leading to leaks. Dad brought his scaffolding up for that project and the girls were all happy to "help". Little Bit was so excited to be able to climb around and occasionally hand things up to Papa or back down to Mama and me on the ground.

Papa also made progress on the shelves he's going to put in my kitchen, AND did the wiring so we could put an extra fridge in the basement. YAY!! It was so nice to come back from the farm this week and put most of the milk and eggs in the basement fridge instead of having that take up half of our main fridge!

Rodney and I also finally went out to eat for his birthday, only a month late, while Mama and Papa were here to watch the kids.

The rest of the week was pretty low key. . . we did school, the girls soaked up the beautiful fall weather whenever it was available. . . I did a bit of getting ready for winter by making some sage honey cough syrup, now I'm impatient for it to be done so I can try it! Lexie's comment "I can't wait till someone has a cough so we can try it!" Ummm . . . we can try it without anyone actually having a cough, dear! Someone online had mentioned they like it with herbal tea, I think I like that idea to try it out.

And that was pretty much our week.

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