Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up for the Week of September 28

I'm running late this week, because we went on a trip this past weekend and just got home last night. Watch for a separate post on the trip, but in the meantime here's a quick run-down of last week:

Sunday we spent at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. I apparently didn't take any pictures, but we had a great time all around. It's been a couple years since we've gone, so this was the first year that Little Bit could really get into it at all. She liked the juggling and magic shows. The jousting was still abit much for her, but with me keeping up a constant commentary on how it was all just pretend, she made it through without completely freaking out.

Monday was a rather frustrating day. I was hoping to get LOTS of school done, and research some things I needed to figure our for our upcoming trip, and work on some blog posts and reviews, only to wake up and discover that our router was out, sigh!!! That meant no internet, no Chrome cast (I often cast YouTube videos and similar, for history, up onto the TV so we can all watch it without huddling around my laptop screen), AND no printing (because that runs through the router too). To further complicate things, we don't get decent phone reception at our house without a booster, which means that, if the internet is out, I can't use internet on my phone either, sigh . . . we did a modified approach to school (much of what we do on a daily basis, floats out on the cloud, it's nice most of the time because I can access it anywhere, but it does become a problem if we don't have internet. AND to avoid printing things we don't use, I don't pre-print coloring pages, etc, I just print them when we need them, so that further messed up our school plans, sigh. . . By early afternoon I figured I at least needed to check my e-mail and double check that I didn't have any reviews due asap (my calendar/to do list is also online), so we headed to a nearby playground where I could at least check e-mail on my phone. I did the necessary internet stuff on my phone while the girls all had fun playing. And we squeezed in an impromptu science lesson as they experimented with sitting closer or farther back on the teeter-totter-thing to figure out if they could balance it with Little Bit and one of the big girls on it. They determined that by Little Bit sitting as far back as possible, and Ashlyn sitting as far forward as possible, they weren't completely balanced, but Ashlyn wasn't sitting all the way on the ground either.

Thankfully dh was able to fix the router/internet late Monday afternoon, whew!

You already heard about our "typical" day last week, I think that was Tuesday or Wednesday.

Since we were planning to leave first thing Friday morning or our trip, there was no reason to drive to the farm for milk and eggs during Lexie and Ashlyns' music lessons, so Little Bit and I went to the playground near music lessons during their lessons. She played and I actually got to sit and read a book, woo-hoo!

Thursday afternoon was filled with all our final trip preparations, including loading the car as much as possible. So we'd get an early start on Friday morning.

Stay tuned for another post all about our trip to the Creation Museum, and Wright Brother's Memorial!

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