Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wrapping up the First Week of June

We began our week with Lexie's violin recital. She has completed Suzuki Book 1. Normally her teacher has her violin students play 4 or 5 songs from Book 1 for their graduation recital. But, she has her piano students play all the songs in the piano book 1 and has a cute little story that incorporates all the titles. When Ashlyn had her graduation recital Lexie decided she wanted to play all her songs for her graduation recital as well, and promptly sat down and wrote her own story, a sequel to the piano story. So Lexie's violin recital was an exercise in arm stamina as well. Rodney recorded her recital.

Monday was our end of year evaluation for homeschool, so the 2014-2015 school year is now officially complete.

We were worried this week about Little Bit's cat, Joy. He had been gone for a few days and when he came back he wouldn't eat or drink much and was limping. The vet couldn't really find anything wrong. His best guess was some sort of infection or abscess on Joy's back. He gave him antibiotics for that and sent us home with pain medicine and and appetite stimulant. We gave him one pain pill and one appetite stimulant and between that and the antibiotic he was walking close-to-normal by the next morning, and eating ravenously. Now he's back to normal but extremely annoyed at us for not letting him back outside yet. Whew!

We started Volume 3 of Story of the World for history this week. One of the suggested activities I'd found for chapter 1 (talking about the Spaniards mining for gold and silver in South America) was gold mining. I figured Little Bit would have fun with that, so handed Lexie the link and had her set it up for Little Bit. Much mess, much fun!

The big girls were very willing to help eat the "gold" (lemon heads) when Little Bit was done mining :)

Sabbath was a busy day. After church, instead of potluck, everyone brought picnic lunches and lawn chairs and we all picnicked together on the lawn by the church. It worked out really well because after we ate the kids played with bubbles (Lexie took some awesome pictures of that, but they're on Rodney's phone and he hasn't sent them to me yet) and played tag and just generally ran around and had fun while the adults could sit around and talk and still keep the kids in sight.

When we got home, the girls wanted to go see our neighbor's puppy so we went over and hung out at their house the rest of the day. They recently got a "double" hammock (that is HUGE), so everyone had to try that out.

Then Lexie and Ashlyn decided to see how it worked to actually use a double hammock like it's "supposed" to be used. They completely disappeared inside it LOL. And then had a horrible time getting OUT of it.

We stayed at their house for supper and didn't get home till bedtime. So, long day, but fun.

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