Monday, June 15, 2015

Wrapping Up the Week of June 7

Hmmm . . . we had a pretty quiet week. I like quiet weeks, but they don't make for very exciting blogging :-)

Lots of baking and such getting ready for campmeeting (this week). Lexie made at least 3 different kinds of muffins and froze them for breakfasts. Ashlyn made crepes and froze THEM for breakfasts.

The only picture I took all week (and technically I didn't take it, Lexie did) was of the "cell" Lexie and Little Bit made for science. I have to say, I like "hands on" alot better now that I can just turn the kids loose with it LOL. Lexie mixed up the gelatin and then Little Bit "helped" her put it in a ziplock (cell membrane) and add the neucleus and . . . whatever the pinto beans represent, then they laid it in a box to represent the cell wall. Fun stuff :)

The other big excitement this week was getting cell phones for Lexie and Ashlyn. Sigh . . . somehow this feels like a big milestone, even though I know many kids have phones much younger than 12. They're finally to the point where there are times it would be nice for them to have phones so Rodney shopped around and found a prepaid plan that is very reasonably priced. I had suggested they get one phone and share it, and we could always get a second one if we needed to, but Rodney apparently wasn't paying attention when I suggested that, so he ordered 2. So, they each have their own. The phones came on Friday, just in time for us to head to camp meeting, so the timing was perfect (and jumping ahead just a tad, I was beyond thankful they had phones when, last night, just as their evening meeting, that they had walked to, was supposed to start, a thunderstorm with high winds whipped up. Was sooo reassuring to be able to text them and confirm they'd made it to the meeting (and that the meeting, normally in a large tent, had been moved indoors).

So, that brings us to the fun of the last part of the week. . . camp meeting. . . My parents brought their motorhome up and parked it on campus on Thursday. Friday we packed the kids' stuff and headed over there. I wasn't sure how things were going to work for Little Bit. She was very unsure she even wanted to try going to meetings (remembers NOT enjoying them last time we were there), but she seemed to enjoy it on Sabbath, so we shall see how the week progresses (today my mom was going to take her, since Dad and I are busy working on projects at my house). Sabbath afternoon we enjoyed a potluck picnic with people from church, and then that evening, Little Bit played with friends on playground (with my parents keeping an eye on her) while Rodney & I got to actually sit down and listen to vespers :)

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