Monday, June 1, 2015

Wrapping Up the Week of May 23

Summer is here! I really wish spring had lasted longer, but we're enjoying summer too.

Our neighbors invited us over a couple times this week to play in their sprinkler. Little Bit loved the sprinkler, Ashlyn spent her time cuddling with their puppy and Lexie's always happy to have people other than her family to talk to :)

We did more gardening this week. We finished up the second bed and Ashlyn planted peppers and more tomatoes. She still needs to plant cucumbers and dill (why yes, we ARE hoping to make pickles this summer, why do you ask?) There were apparently some pumpkin (or other squash-like thing) seeds in the compost layer that we added to one of the beds, so those are growing nicely. Ashlyn's letting them grow for now to figure out what they are then we'll decide if we want to leave them be (but the bed is small for vines), get rid of most/all of them, or move them somewhere that can handle the vines better.

While the days tended to be hot, and we were very glad for air conditioning, the evenings were still cool. With it staying light later, that worked out perfectly to allow us to do bedtime stories outside. We set up lawn chairs near the swingset and Little Bit played while I read to the girls. Moccasin liked to listen too, and pretty thoroughly took over Little Bit's chair :)

Lexie spent lots of time practicing violin for her end of book 1 recital that was yesterday.

We finally received Lexie and Ashlyn's standardized test scores. I have to say, I have been extremely unimpressed with Seton testing! Both in 3rd grade and now in 5th grade, we did NOT receive the scores when they initially sent them. I don't know if their post office has a problem or what, I find it hard to believe that it's OUR post office/mail carrier since it's only been from this one place. So last week, after waiting 3 weeks from when I received e-mail notification that the tests had been scored, I contacted them and finally got their scores, at least via e-mail. They also said they mailed "a second copy" of the scores and I did receive two envelopes but when I opened the second envelope to put the scores in my folder of portfolio information, I discovered that they had sent me 2 copies of Ashlyn's scores and no copies of Lexie's, sigh . . . Doesn't really matter, I can just print out the e-mailed copy, but just another indication that something is not working smoothly. I think I'll be using a different testing vendor for 8th grade!

I'm excited (and 2/3 of my children seem to be excited) about a new product I discovered while shopping the Build-a-Bundle sale (which ends today! so go check it out ASAP if you're interested).  The Middle School bundle includes the New Testament Picture Smart Bible. Conveniently, this week we finished the book of Matthew for Bible Road Trip so it seemed like perfect timing to start including this new resource. I personally don't see it working as a stand-alone Bible curriculum, but I love how it works WITH Bible Road Trip. After using BRT to study a book of the Bible, we can take a couple days to do that book's picture and review/reinforce the highlight's of that book.

I also handed the Pre-algebra from the Middle School Bundle over to Lexie to use as additional practice along with Life of Fred. We actually reviewed Math Essentials 3 years ago and I was impressed with it then, especially to reinforce or provide extra practice as needed, so I was happy to get some more of these in the Bundles (I also got the High School bundle which includes the Geometry from Math Essentials).

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