Monday, November 10, 2008


Might be one of those have to be there things, but this made me giggle today:

A just walked over to the big basket that normally holds throw blankets (most of those blankets have currently been repurposed to do who knows what around the room, I know one was a bear den earlier today, beyond that, I've lost track), set her doll in it, and told the doll "you get to be Baby Jesus", then as she walked away she said in a very bossy voice (still to the doll) "now CLOSE YOUR EYES!" something about telling a baby (real or pretend) to close it's eyes and expecting it to "Listen" struck me as funny, so I kind of snorted. Apparently that was all the encouragement the girls needed to decide this was the funniest joke ever, oh the laughter . . . I'm sure they had no idea WHY this was funny, but if mommy laughed it MUST be funny LOL.

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