Saturday, November 29, 2008

I think I'm playing Catch-up AGAIN . . .

How do the weeks fly by so quickly?

This past week we finished up our Benjamin Franklin book. The girls were excited by the mention of Washington & Jefferson in the book, to realize that we're approaching the American Revolution. And it was an AWESOME book, I learned lots I didn't know, or had forgotten, about Franklin too :)

We also finished listening to The Courage of Sarah Nobel on our way to Aunt Lynette & Uncle Dave's house for Thanksgiving. The girls really enjoyed that book, and enjoyed having it on tape so I got a break from reading LOL.

We'll start all new books this week. I also got "Meet Kaya" (from the American Girl books) from the library last week & am going to try to fit it in either during "school" time or at bedtime, or some of each. We're in the timeframe where Kaya's books fall chronologically now, though the curriculum had them being read during the American Indian studies at the beginning of the unit (we did a much abridged version of that part of the curriculum since I felt the study of the differences between all the different tribes and such would be above their head, so we did a quick overview, focusing on the fact that the Indians were here before Europeans and moved on, and skipped Kaya since chronologically she was so much later than pre-Europeans).

Thursday we went to dh's sister & her husband's house for Thanksgiving. Dh's mom and my parents came too, so it was a nice family day. The girls were excited to show off their reading skills to anyone who cared to listen LOL. And also had great fun "helping" Aunt Lynette shave Precious (our dog), hopefully didn't drive her too insane in the process LOL.

Thursday night we stayed in a nearby hotel, with an indoor pool so the girls were thrilled LOL. And visited friends in the area (sort of) on Friday. The girls warmed up quickly to dh's college friend, Kathryn, and on the way home, asked when we could visit these friends again, which I thought was pretty high praise hee hee.

Dh had been fighting a cold since Wed, but by Friday afternoon when we started home, he had a fever & was feeling worse. Slept most of the way home, I ran out for more cold meds once we got home, and he's pretty much been sleeping ever since. Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon, and the rest of us will avoid it, I've been dosing us all with echinachea (much to the girls' delight, I got some "gummy bear" echinacea last month from Frontier, they think they're quite yummy LOL) & keeping fingers crossed.

Random interesting observeration from L, while watching a TV show that touched on various languages, she said "in England they talk like this" and then gave her best attempt at an English accent (not so accurate, but different from us anyway). Then she asked, do you think in Mexico they speak spanish different than they do in "spanish", by which, I assume she meant Spain. Interesting observation for a 5 yr old eh?

Our plan was to go get a Christmas tree tomorrow, but between dh being sick & the weather report calling for rain all day tomorrow, I'm pretty sure it won't be happening. The girls and I will at least try to get the rest of the Christmas decorating done tomorrow.

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