Sunday, November 23, 2008

Productive Weekend

We had a busy, but productive weekend. While you wouldn't know it to look around the house right now, we made tons of progress! On Friday dh took a load of boxes to storage and went through the boxes & boxes of stuff I wasn't sure what to do with that had been sitting in the dining room since we moved in. The girls & I sorted through some of the baby clothes we brought back from my parents' house too. The girls loved that, exclaiming over the clothes :) I also had planned to collapse a ton of boxes that had also been accumulating in the dining room, but to make sure dh could find all of HIS boxes, I tossed all the empty boxes in the living room, on & around the sofa, and when the girls noticed it, they decided that was the ultimate playground! The picture's fuzzy (I was too lazy to go get the camera, just grabbed my phone) but you can see A waving from the midst of the tower of boxes. Once the dining room was cleared out we moved the bookcases to the other side of the room. We put them "temporarily" on one wall the day we moved in & they've been there ever since, because the wall they were supposed to be against had dh's boxes stacked there, and, over time, some of dh's stuff got stacked ON the bookcases to get it up off the floor. So, once they were in place I was finally able to unpack the rest of our books and put them on the shelf. The girls needed a distraction while I was unpacking books so I grabbed 2 of the biggest boxes and set one on each side of the dining room & put a kid in each box, told them they had the choice of staying in the box or sitting on the stairs until I was done (I was tired of refereeing). Only took them a couple minutes to decide the boxes were great fun (as I figured would be the case). They spent a good part of the evening, and more time yesterday & today, playing w/ those boxes LOL. Sat. night I collapsed the rest of the boxes (except those 2). Today we rearranged the basement, took the collapsed boxes up to the storage area. DH cleaned up the odds and ends that had accumulated on/around the porch. Then we set up my candle table in the basement and brought down the boxes & such from the storage area to at least set up the basics to make candles again. I still need to arrange everything down there, figure out a way to store things in the most organized way, and find a second extension cord for the heat gun (but I figure I can do that step upstairs until I get to that). So, while the site isn't back up or anything, I can at least make candles if I want to LOL.

Now my to do list for this week is to clean up all the odds and ends around here so that the house actually LOOKS like we made some progress LOL, and so that things are ready for us to get the tree and otherwise decorate for Christmas next weekend.

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