Sunday, November 9, 2008

This Week's Wrap-Up

We had a good week getting back into the "groove" of being home. I was missing some of the books that we needed for history, so had to shift things around abit, but that's ok. L's in an "I don't want to do school" mode, so she didn't do as much as A this week.

Reading, we're still reviewing the rules we learned during the curriculum we were doing before the trip. We also started reading through McGuffey's Primer. A was very excited at how short the stories are, though she actually seems to be struggling with the fact that it's all short easy phonetic words right now LOL. L, who was struggling less with the longer easy reading books, declared the first story (only one she actually read this week) too short/boring.

We're really enjoying the History Pockets book we're working on. And A, especially is excited that she'll have a "book" full of things to "play with" LOL.

The books I need for history for this coming week were mostly in by Fri, so I thought it was going to be perfect, we'd run over pick up the books that were waiting for us, run other errands, and we'd be good to go come Monday morning. But for some reason that wasn't clear, the library was closed when we got there mid-day on Fri, sigh . . . so now we have to make another Library run tomorrow morning.

This Sabbath was another craft/mission project afternoon for the Primary kids. It was very . . .chaotic this time (more kids than last time, and ummm . . . kids less used to following instruction or something . . . ) they were doing the bead crafts like last time AND making cards, so the girls did some of each. Also practiced singing the Christmas carols that we'll sing next month when we take the cards/crafts to pass out at the nursing home. They were mostly songs the girls didn't remember (A's comment . . . "when are we singing Jingle Bells?" LOL), so I'm thinking we'll start singing the religious Christmas songs as part of school time. DH glared at me when I told him the plan for next month is carolling at the nursing home, so we shall see . . . I figure when it gets closer I'll talk to the girls about what I think it will be like and leave the final decision up to them (and since dh's vote is to NOT go, if one kid wants to & the other doesn't he'll be more than happy to stay home with the "doesn't want to" kid).

This week is a quiet, but short week. Nothing really planned until the weekend, when we're going to do an early Thanksgiving at my parents' with my family. DH is going to have to drive down separately anyway (He has to be in MD for work on Monday) so I may head down early and spend the afternoon w/ some of our MD friends. Of course I thought of that (short week) AFTER I'd typed in this week's school schedule, so we won't get it all done but I'm too lazy to delete stuff just to re-type it next week LOL.

Random silly kid things: We were watching "Seventeen Kids and Counting" (the new TLC series about the Dugger family) and in the episode we were watching they were playing paint ball. A was so confused "does it hurt?" (yes), "why are they doing it if it hurts?" . . . etc. L, on the other hand, w/o bothering to ask for any additional information said "when can we do that?" Silly kid!

The favorite toy for a good part of this week was the dog's toys. They pulled out the whole basket (that normally lives under an end table in the living room) and were carrying it around and coming up w/ imaginative ways to play w/ the dog toys.

L informed me in her "why must I explain this to you?" tone, "when I say MOMMY, I'm talking to you, when I say MOM I'm talking to Ashlyn, we're PLAYING, it doesn't concern you!" So funny!

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