Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Week . . .

Apparently I'm on the "once a week" posting plan these days LOL. We had a fun week last week. The highlight was the girls' birthday party on Wednesday. We decided this year to go to a pottery painting place for their party. We invited their friends Hannah & Yeva (and Hannah & Yeva's brothers, Bobby & Sage (and baby sister Ziva), and to get our total participants to the required number of 8, us moms got to paint something too :). The one "misleading" thing on the website was the implication that staff from the pottery place would be on hand throughout to help, but it worked out ok w/ that, so all was well. I think the kids all had fun, and it was a wonderfully low stress party for me (which I needed this year, even with doing the party a month early (for those who don't keep track, the girls' birthday isn't until the end of the month (28th) but I figured this was as late as I dared push it with baby due the first week in April & pottery place 45 min away from home LOL). The one challenge was that the pottery place we chose is in downtown Lancaster, so the parking is in a parking garage across the street, if I wasn't pregnant (or at least wasn't SO pregnant) making multiple trips from the parking garage to the pottery place with our food & such wouldn't have been a big deal, but given how SLOW I walk these days & how quckly I tire out, that was abit of an issue that I didn't fully think about until I was on my way to the pottery place (if I'd thought it through sooner I might have thrown in the stroller to use as a stuff-mover). But thanks to cooperative, helpful girls, and sturdy reusable grocery bags, we made it in one trip (I put the drinks in one of my nice whole foods bags & carried that on one shoulder, put the lightweight snacks & paper goods into 2 more reusable grocery bags, one for each girl & then my plan was to carry the veggie tray & cupcakes as well, but L wanted to carry the veggie tray (I was lazy & bought a pre-made one at the grocery store so it was relatively "sealed") so I ended up carrying the heavy bag of drinks, the cupcakes & a lighter bag (that also had room for my purse in the top). And we made it. . . :) I forgot my camera though, grrr . . . Kim (other mom who was there) took some on her phone camera but when she sent them direct from the phone to me, they came through as thumbnail size, so I need to get her to send them from computer to computer at some point & then I'll post them.

Cakes this year, I mandated needed to be cupcakes (figured that would be much easier for transporting/serving at a remote location to a variety of ages of children), and the girls' wonderful Sabbath school teacher, Teacher Cindy was kind enough to make them for us. Lexie picked pigs & Ashlyn picked ladybugs & they both turned out ADORABLE!! Again, I forgot to take pictures, but the leftovers are in the freezer so we can use them for the grandparent party (which is tenatively scheduled for their actual birthday with the disclaimer that if baby comes before then (or that day) we may have to reschedule), so hopefully I can remember (or my dad or someone will think of it) to take pictures that day.

Otherwise this week was pretty quiet. I wasn't feeling good on Thurs so we didn't do school that day either which left Tues & Fri as our school days. By Friday it was warm enough (& dry enough, Thurs was warm(ish) but even the girls declared it too muddy for outside play) that the girls spent a good portion of the day outside, they have apparently each claimed a part of teh flowerbeds as their gardens, I'm abit nervous since all of the flower beds have things PLANTED in them (perenials & bulbs in one bed & herbs in the other) but haven't gotten nervous enough to go investigate yet LOL. I thought about sitting out on the porch for awhile yesterday (& again today) but in the end, my fear of getting "stuck" in the chairs we have out there (they are wonderfully comfortable canvas camping chairs w/ built in footrests, but they tilt back enough to be abit awkward to get out of under the best of circumstances so I'm afraid at this point when getting up off the sofa can be a challenge, that I'd be permanently stuck if I got into those chairs LOL. So I've contented myslf to sit inside in my glider w/ a lovely cross-breeze coming past me between the dining room windows & the window right behind my chair LOL.

This next week, I have my midwife appointment (and then it will be weekly from here on out), and we need to go pick up the pottery, so that should keep us busy. I'm also hoping to get seeds started for this summer's garden, the wonderful spring-like weather is inspiring me LOL. And having officially hit 36 weeks, I REALLY need to do my final checklist and make sure I have everything ready for the homebirth & such.

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