Thursday, March 19, 2009

Last Week's Update

Just realized I never bothered to do a wrap-up post for last week. I intentionally didn't bother to change the homeschooling this week widget, since we did so little last week that I figured I'd just leave it the same for this week, and even so . . . we're not going to finish it all LOL.

But let's see, what DID we do last week. . . lots of running around. . .

We picked up the pottery that we'd made the week before. I was abit nervous that the kids' pieces would come out too light colored for their liking (the woman there had emphasized the need to do 3 coats of a color to get a vibrant color, and I wasn't sure they'd even done 2 coats) but either the woman exaggerated or they did more coats than I realized, because everything came out with good color. I need to get pictures of it. A was lamenting the lack of flowers to put in her vase, and then when mom came this weekend, she brought some daffodils from my grandma's yard, so we put some of them in A's vase, she's happy :)

A had, what I thought was a cluster of warts on her foot, but was complaining about them itching terribly (to the point it was waking her up at like 5 or 6am, which wasn't working well for her or me), and dh had an eye infection that was bothering him as well, so we made Thurs "doctor day" and took both of them in to see what was up. I was right, A's WAS warts, the dr. gave us some herbal/homeopathic cream to help with the itch. And after a couple of days the itching apparently stopped. Now I need to work on actually REMOVING the warts, but never think about it at the right time, sigh. A was abit nervous since, due to our short notice, we would be seeing another dr. in the practice rather than the one we'd met a few weeks ago, but of course, since it was just to check her foot, he spent about 30 seconds looking at it, and that was the extent of his "exam", so now she is much more confident about visiting doctors LOL.

And last week was the first of our weekly (as opposed to every 2 weeks) midwife appointment. The girls continue to enjoy asking lots of questions, and I think the midwife enjoys answering them, if not, she puts on a good act LOL. The question of the day for last week was why she uses a stethescope AND a blood pressure cuff when she checks blood pressure, so she explained how the whole process works (which I didn't know either). A has decided that we simply have to keep having babies because she'll miss getting to see the midwife when I'm not pregnant LOL.

This past weekend, my parents decided to come up and surprise the girls. The last time they were here the girls happened to get their birthday free meal coupons from California Pizza Kitchen while my parents were here. When we lived in MD, CPK was a place we pretty much always went w/ my parents (Papa really likes it, and we'd stop there on our way back from DC, usually). So when the girls got their coupons they were disappointed to hear that Mama & Papa probably wouldn't be coming w/ us to CPK this year (had to be used "during the birthday month" and the weekend they got the coupons, and my parents were here, was the last of Feb, and plan was that other than coming up for the day on the girls' birthday, they wouldn't be back until the baby comes (which could be in Mar, but no guarantees). So . . . my parents decided to come up this past weekend to surprise the girls and go w/ us to CPK. I woke up Sabbath morning with a sore throat, and REALLY didn't want to end up sick when the baby's born, so decided to stay home from church & hope the extra rest (plus pounding it right away with Apple Cider Vinegar, echinacea, etc) would stop it in it's tracks. My parents got here while the girls & dh were still at church, so the girls got home to find them here, which was fun.

While my parents were here, the girls also helped Papa start working on building the beds I want for my garden this year, and had fun with that.

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