Friday, March 20, 2009

Wrapping Up This Week

Woo-hoo! I'm actually posting a weekly wrap-up in a timely fashion, aren't you proud of me?

Let's see . . . We've enjoyed some spring-like weather this week, and the girls have spent large parts of those days outside, which means "school time" is decreased, but I firmly believe that

"Children should be permitted to run and play out of doors, enjoying the fresh, pure air, and the life-giving sunshine."
-Fundamentals of Christian Education p60

We did manage some "school" this week.

We've added memory verses to our Bible time (beyond the Sabbath school memory verse). For these verses we're using this approach to memorization. Using texts from the Polished Cornerstones curriculum we're using for Bible. For the most part, for the memory work we'll work on memorizing Prov 31:10-31, one verse at a time (we're currently working on Prov 31:11). But Since Polished Cornerstones takes an entire year to work through these verses, we may sneak some other verses in at times, depending on how quickly we memorize each verse. The girls memorized the first verse (v 10) very quickly, but are having abit slower time with v 11, which is fine. We're also having interesting discussions as we study these verses and other verses that elaborate on the same concepts.

We're enjoying some great read-alouds for history.

We talked about the brain this week in science. And the picture in the book we're using had each section of the brain (that controls sight, thinking, hearing ,etc) a different color. The speech section was orange, so L has now decided that she must have an extra large "orange" part of her brain LOL.

This week at my midwife appointment, the girls ended up talking to the midwife about how to use a stethoscope and she took time to let them use hers to hear their hearts & such.

I think that's about it for this week, it was a nice laid back week, doing school, playing outside . . . the kind of week I like :o)

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