Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last Week's Wrap-Up (yes, I'm behind again)

My parents were here this weekend, that's my excuse for being behind this time (no, that in now explains why I didn't get this done YESTERDAY, or before now today, but we won't go there).

Let's see . . . last week was a quiet week, I like quiet weeks :) My parents came down Fri morning, so no "school" on Friday, we were busy doing other fun stuff LOL.

Our science last week was, essentially, the main reason we're doing this unit right now. The reproductive system/where babies come from/how they're born . . . preparation for the upcoming home birth. We started out Reading Where Do Babies Come From? This is the book for age 6-8 in a Christian "s*x ed" series (the name of which continually escapes me). It was, IMO, well written and gave enough information without giving too much. Cute quote of that day, would be when we briefly discussed male anatomy & A commented "I'm glad I'm a girl, that would be annoying" LOL. It also was timely that the age 6-8 book is the book that addresses where babies come from, which is the aspect of "s*x ed" that is most relevant to the girls right now. We also looked at the more scientific side of things by reading about the reproductive system in our main "anatomy" book. This focused primarily on where baby is during gestation & how it gets out (random observation, finding a "full frontal" picture of the female (internal) reproductive system is, apparently, impossible, I searched online, as well as looking in all the books I have here (the main anatomy book we're using 2 other "kid" anatomy books that I've collected over time, AND my high school Human Phys book, ALL of these showed the picture of the female reproductive system (ovaries, uterus . . . ) from a side view, so that made it hard for the girls to draw this system accurately on their model, sigh . . .

Another cute kid quote, A told her Daddy, "since we're women, unlike you, we have the place where mommy's baby is, there's just not a baby in it" to get the full effect you really would have to hear the tone of superiority in which she informed him that she's a woman & he's not, but it was priceless! I spent the rest of the morning, whenever the girls were out of earshot, saying, to dh "since we're women, unlike you" and bursting into giggles LOL (yes, it doesn't take much to amuse me, and yes, my husband is a saint to put up with me).

History consisted mainly of finishing up our book on Sacagawea. Papa brought a Sacagawea dollar coin up with him to show the girls & thus round out that bit of history.

For Bible we finished up the B is for Beatitudes lapbook & did one of the Calvary Church studies the other day (I decided the beatitudes one was too repetitive, so we did one of the others & I'd have to go look to see which one, and I'm lazy). They're not bad studies, but starting this week, I'm opting to use Polished Cornerstones (a year long very extensive/comprehensive study of Prov 31 for girls of all ages (be warned, this book is very conservative Christian, if you're of the opinion that various aspects of the Bible are cultural, not inspired, and therefore no longer apply, this probably isn't a book/study you'd appreciate) for Bible. I'd toyed with using it for our tea party time or something since I'd planned to start a different, year-long, Bible series next fall, but I decided to go with this for now & by next fall I can decide which study I want to do when . . .

This week will be a slow school week. Yesterday, we had snow, so skipped "school" to allow for playing in the snow. Today we did school, tomorrow we go to paint pottery for the girls' birthday (which isn't till the end of the month, but since the pottery place is 45 min from here, I wanted to do this before we got TOO close to my EDD just to be safe), so no "school" tomorrow. So only Tues, Thurs & Fri this week.

Sunday was the baby shower that our church threw for us. Since we really don't need anything in the way of baby stuff, they threw a book shower instead, asking everyone to bring a favorite children's book, we got some AWESOME books! And the girls have been enjoying reading them this week. They've discovered that the toddler books (geared for very young toddlers) make great "early reader" books since there are so few words per page LOL. And a definite favorite is a bird book the pastor's wife gave us. It's a huge book w/, I think it says 200 different birds in it, one per page & then along the one side there's an electronic thing that you can set to a number (that's listed on the page for each bird) and it will play what that bird's song sounds like. Both girls have spent huge amounts of time playing with it already & I'm thinking we'll have to incorporate it into an actual "bird unit" for science either this summer or next fall (not sure how much "school" we'll do this summer . . . gonna play that by ear).

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