Saturday, May 9, 2009


I'm still playing catch-up, but last Tues was "check-up" day for us. I'd scheduled Little Bit's 1 mo check-up and a check-up/initial visit for A. They wouldn't let me schedule one for L at the same time because doing a baby well-visit & 2 initial visits would take up too big a block of the dr.'s time to do all in one day. But as it worked out, it was a slow day so the dr. said if we were willing to wait (after Little Bit & A's check-ups) while she saw 2 more patients, she could work L in, so we got all 3 check-ups done.

Nothing real exciting to report. Little Bit weighs 10lb 8oz, nursed thru most of her exam. The dr. laughed that she was so "focused" on nursing, and didn't seem bothered by the poking & prodding. I said that's what comes of having 2 big sisters who are always kissing her & such while she's trying to nurse LOL. I asked the dr. about the gassiness and she recommended that I drink fennel tea (or Mother's Milk tea, which has fennel in it, but since I'm already leaking, I don't think I need to do anything more to increase my milk supply LOL) which will improve my digestion (she implied this would decrease Little Bit's gassiness?) AND pass thru to Little Bit to further improve her digestion. So I've been doing that.

A & L were fine. They're (roughly) in the 70% for height & 50% for weight. They found the questions the nurse asked to be absurdly easy (when asked if she could count to 10, A said, with distain, "I can count to 100" LOL). So that's done for this year.

Little Bit's next check-up is at 4mo.

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