Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Weekend

Other than losing Precious, we had a fun weekend at my parents' house.

Since Hubby needed to work most of the weekend anyway, we drove separate. The girls & I went down Thurs. A circus was renting the extra land at my parents' office for Wed & Thurs, so we (my parents & I) were planning to take the girls Thurs afternoon, but I hadn't told them about it ahead of time. As we drove up to my parents' office, the girls noticed the tent:

Girls: That looks like a circus tent!!
Me: Yes, that's what it is
Girls: (whining) We want to go to a circus . . .
Me: Well, that's what we're planning to do this afternoon . . .
Girls begin bouncing off the walls/ceiling with excitement, which continues until we actually GO to the circus several hours later

Before we actually went to the circus that afternoon the vast majority of my parents' co-workers had heard about the girls' excitement over going to the circus LOL.

Despite it being LOUD, Little Bit slept/nursed thru the whole thing. The girls loved it, though A, of course, made frequent comments about the various acts being dangerous LOL.

Friday we mostly just hung out at Mama & Papa's house.

Sabbath morning the big girls went to church with Mama & Papa, and Little Bit came with Dh & me to our high school alumni weekend for church. It was fun to see old friends, and Little Bit slept the WHOLE time! (my friend, Vicki, after seeing Little Bit first at the circus and then at alumni, has decided that Little Bit is NEVER awake LOL).

Sunday we had planned to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. But with all the rain, my parents & I had decided to skip that (hadn't mentioned it to the girls, so they didn't know the difference). Instead, we went to Brookside Garden's Live Butterfly Exhibit. It was early in the season, and cool out, so not as many butterflies, or as active of butterflies as will be later in the season, but it was still fun. One of the volunteers was great about answering the girls' questions and had some dead butterflies they could touch (since you can't touch live butterflies' wings w/o hurting them) and a magnifying glass to look at them with and such. The girls also spent quite awhile watching the crysalises (not sure how to spell that?) in the emerging box. They were able to see a butterfly come out of the crysalis which was pretty cool.

And Monday we came home.

I was abit nervous about how Little Bit would do sleep-wise, but she did great. I put her in the middle of the guest bed & I moved from one side of the bed to the other depending which side she needed to nurse on (in our bed, with the co-sleeper I stay in one spot & move her LOL) and each night she nursed to sleep, slept a pretty nice long stretch initially, and then was more restless, which is what usually happens at home too. If she got too restless I took her out to the recliner (being more upright seems to help her work the gassiness out), and grumbled about the lack of internet LOL. I got lots of solitaire & tetris playing time on my phone while she nursed early in the mornings LOL.

We also discovered it's rather hit or miss as to whether Little Bit will be happy in the car or not. She doesn't ALWAYS sleep in the car like the big girls did at that age, but sometimes she's content to just watch the sky go by when she doesn't sleep. Other times she cries :o( On the way down on Thurs, when she started fussing I stopped & nursed her, but then she was even MORE fussy the rest of the way to my parents' office. We'd been planning to just pick my parents up & go straight to lunch when we got there, but since she was fussing I assumed she wanted to nurse, so decided we'd go into their office so I could nurse her before we went to lunch. But apparently she was just tired of being in the carseat, we went into their office & she was perfectly content to have Mom carry her around and show her off to a few people & such before she nursed. So not sure how that will all work out for longer trips . . . hopefully as she gets old enough to like toys, she'll be content to ride in the car & have her sisters hand her toys & talk to her & such, we shall see . . .

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