Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Odds & Ends

Just a couple quick notes:

Kid funny:

Sat evening we met some friends at a park for a picnic supper. My friend, Vicki was there with her 18 lb 6 mo old. At one point I was holding K (the 6 mo old) & Vicki was holding Little Bit. A told me "Mommy, you & Miss Vicki should trade babies, because K is fat like you & Little Bit is skinny like Miss Vicki." I just had to laugh LOL.

And in other news, A learned to tell time on Monday. We were driving back from the store & she had Mama's watch, and started asking about telling time & had it mostly figured out by the time we got home. She still sometimes gets the hour wrong when it's near the next hour (ie. if it's 3:45 she will often think it's 4:45 since by then the hour hand is closer to the 4 than the 3) but for the most part she has it figured out. We are going watch shopping this afternoon. L is now asking to learn to tell time, hopefully she'll pick it up as easily as her sister LOL.

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