Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 2000's

Has it really been a decade since everyone was freaked out about all the computers crashing when the clock struck midnight and 1999 ended?

It doesn't seem possible, and yet . . . has it only been 10 years?

I don't have time for a long, sentimental post (aren't you glad?), so here, in bullet points, are some of my highlights of the last 10 years:

  • 10 years ago I'd either just started, or was getting ready to start a "new" job, leaving auditing behind and changing to a non-travel job that revolved around budgets and internal reporting.
  • We sold our townhouse and moved farther from work into a more family-friendly house.
  • We started our family
  • When I was 20 weeks pregnant we discovered that we were adding, not 1, but TWO babies to our family (grandparents were excited, I was SCARED . . . LOL)
  • Two perfect baby girls joined our family
  • I quit my "real job" to become a full-time Mommy (best career move EVAR!!!)
  • was started & I was asked to be a moderator, good
  • Rodney changed jobs, shortening his commute but lengthening his work-hours
  • I started LaRee's Candles (which I'd still like to re-open, maybe someday . . . )
  • I became active in the DC-area babywearing group, what a great resource for new moms to be able to get hands-on help figuring out the sometimes confusing, mostly online, world of baby carriers!
  • We survived the first 2 years with twins, and all the logistical challenges those first 2 years entailed . . .
  • I started running natural/family product co-ops to provide better prices for me and others. Lots of work, but a great way to get great products on a budget!
  • Rodney changed jobs again.
  • We moved to PA (smaller house, MUCH bigger yard, close to Rodney's work, farther from family . . . trade-offs, but overall a good move for us)
  • Added Little Bit to our family.
  • 3 trips to Disney World, Sea World, etc
  • Countless trips to Sesame Place
  • Motorhome trip to National Park sites with Mama & Papa
  • Several (4 or 5?) trips to Indiana to visit the great-grandparents
  • Camping (in the motorhome) on Asseteague Island (really need to do this again!)
  • Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown . . .
  • We've averaged a new zoo every year . . . 6 zoos that I remember, the big girls are 6 years old
  • COSI science museum
  • Our diet has more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, made from scatch items . . . 10 years ago I'd never heard of raw milk.
I'm sure I'm forgetting millions of other "memorable" moments (oh yeah, I started this blog!) but that's at least some highlights from the last 10 years. God is good!


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

It's amazing how much things change in 10 years!

You were 1/2 way through your pregnancy before you found out you were having twins? I can just imagine your surprise!

Sweetpeas said...

LOL Ann, yes, we were planning a birth center birth with midwives so didn't have an early ultrasound, the midwife mentioned, at 16 wks, that I was measuring "abit big" but was so nonchalant about it that I didn't think for a second that it meant anything, so yes, it was a BIG surprise! But really, I'm SO glad we didn't do an early u/s, in reading about "twin stuff" during that pregnancy I read so many stories of "disappearing twins" where an early u/s showed twins but one was reabsorbed, I cannot imagine having to get used to the idea of twins only to go in a month or 2 later and find out that now there was only one baby, sometimes technology provides too much information IMO! 20 weeks was a good time to find out, we still had time to plan accordingly, but were well out of the window of worry about disappearing twin and such. Of course, this time we didn't have an u/s at all so if a twin had somehow been hiding in there we'd have found out at delivery LOL (but based on my size and just how I felt, etc I was quite confident there was only one baby this time LOL).

Liz said...

hi LaRee! Can you email me? liz.ortner at yahoo dot com. I can't find your email address and have a question for you, lol.