Saturday, December 12, 2009

This Week

We've had a quieter week this week. I was sick on Monday and the girls have had colds to varying extents all week, so we're taking it easy and staying close to home for the most part.

I had bookclub on Tuesday night, so Daddy took A1 & A2 to Chuck E Cheese, apparently they had a good time & won lots of tickets with which they purchased "cheap plastic junk" and candy LOL.

We're continuing to enjoy our Advent Bible Study, the girls enjoy getting to mark their Bibles.

We also started a lapbook on anger. We're alternating it with other "fun" crafts during Little Bit's naps, so haven't gotten very far, but the girls, especially A2 are WANTING to learn more about what the Bible says about anger and how to control it, so I'm happy to let it move at their pace :o)

We thought we were going to be able to go with Daddy to Pittsburgh this weekend, so in preparation for that, during craft time, we made travel tic-tac-toe sets, then a change in Daddy's schedule made it not work for us to go along, which is probably just as well, A1 wouldn't have felt up to the trip today anyway, not sure about Little Bit either, she's happy for the most part, but congested, and has periods of fussiness, I assume because she can't breath well. Anyway, the girls had fun making the tic-tac-toe sets and now we have them for when we DO get to travel with Daddy.

Since we weren't going to be able to go with Daddy, I told the girls we could stay for potluck dinner after church, and the girls helped Daddy make brownies yesterday afternoon to take to potluck (along w/ a raw veggie platter, I figured if I was going to take 3 kids to potluck on my own, I better take things that didn't require any prepwork once we got there LOL. I got my Christmas present early this year, a Kitchenaid Mixer, that I ordered from amazon a couple weeks ago. It got here a week or more ago, but we hadn't found time to use it with all the sickness and such, so, dh volunteered to make the brownies so he could try the mixer LOL. Unfortunately, A1 was feeling worse this morning, and stayed home sleeping most of the day. Daddy took A2 to Sabbath School, but then had to bring her home so he could leave for Pittsburgh without us. A2 was soo disappointed to miss potluck. Even the "consolation" of getting more brownies this way didn't really cheer her up, poor thing. We've spent a lazy afternoon watching Bible videos and such. A1 seems to be feeling a little better, she complained of being hungry, and ate some cream of wheat and "ants on a log" and sat up to do a word search and such for awhile.

This afternoon A2 was bored with just watching tv. But fussy, congested baby & still not feeling real good A1, and REALLY cold outside didn't leave us alot of options. I had a brainstorm & pulled out a tub of pattern blocks. I got the pattern blocks way back when we decided to homeschool, and did some simple patterns with them at that point, but then they got set aside and we haven't used them in forever. She had alot of fun with them! We have a smaller magnetic set as well, so I think I'm going to go through the pattern books/sheets that we have and determine which of the patterns will work w/ the small, magnetic set, and then we'll take those along on trips.

And that's where things are at here.


marci said...

Sorry to hear that some of you have been can be hard on those that are not, and can't do what they wanted to do. I sympathize with you!

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