Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Food Reaction

Not a very interesting entry, but I want to make sure I have this documented since I'm bad at remembering things.

Monday evening Little Bit had a very runny poopy diaper, and was acting like she didn't feel good, more cuddly, fell asleep on my lap after she'd had a good afternoon nap . . . woke up and promptly threw up all over herself & me. Thankfully Daddy was home to help me get cleaned up enough to go up and get in the shower with Little Bit. Once we were both clean again, she nursed to sleep, slept awhile, and was acting better when she woke up, so I set her down to play. She did her normal "busy stuff", crawling around picking things up, examining them, moving on to other things, it's SO cute, she's very busy . . . after a little while she came back over to me & stood up on my leg like she normally does if she wants to nurse. But before I could pick her up, she threw up all over my leg. Cleaned up again. This time as I was cleaning her up, I noticed she had some hives on her stomach. She nursed/slept again, woke up, threw up again . . . now the hives pretty much covered her from the middle of her abdomen to her knees. She nursed back to sleep & nursed/slept the rest of the night (we put towels under her in case she threw up again, but she didn't. She slept "normally" and when she woke up in the morning the hives were gone.

No fever. So all things considered, I'm pretty sure it was a reaction to something she ate. My best guess is the tomatoes that were in the guacamole. She's had avocado several times and it's generally not an allergy risk. Tomatoes aren't common as a true allergen but, like citrus fruits, the acidity can cause a reaction in babies/young toddlers.

So, that was our excitement for the week. She has been acting perfectly fine ever since. I did get some children's benadryl to have on hand in case we have another incident, had it when the big girls started solids and never used it, finally threw it out when we moved (when they were 5!). Didn't think to get more when we started Little Bit on solids, so of course, we needed it . . . now that I have it, I'm hopeful that "Murphy's law" will kick in and we'll never need it again LOL.

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