Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Weekly Wrap-Up

I wrote this post on Sunday, but then forgot to actually PUBLISH it!!

It was HOT HOT HOT last week! Did I mention HOT!!!! We were very thankful for our a/c! On the other hand, the hot, dry weather was great for drying laundry outside LOL.

We enjoyed finishing our world geography study (watch for the review on that, coming in a few days!). And art, handwriting, spanish, etc.

Our big project for the week was blueberries!! Eating them and freezing them (see my last post).

And did I mention, did our best to not melt in the heat? Listening to a nice long Your Story Hour story about Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica, which timed out perfectly since we listened right before studying Antarctica in our unit study. We were even able to find the islands mentioned in the story, which was pretty cool.

And, while not school related, so as not to leave Little Bit out, I'll mention that my attempt, to cut her from 2 naps to 1 was an epic fail! She's been pushing her afternoon nap later, which in turn, pushes bedtime later, so I thought maybe it was time to switch to one mid-day nap. So I tried it on Friday. I didn't put her down for a morning nap, and left around noon to go pick up milk (which I get from a farm about half an hour away), and as I expected, she fell asleep quickly in the car and slept through me picking up the milk and coming back home. All seemed to be going well. After baths for all 3 girls, and tucking the big girls into bed, I nursed Little Bit and she fell asleep almost right away. All STILL seemed to be going well. But then, about an hour later, she woke up and apparently thought THAT had been her afternoon nap, sigh . . . she was ready to go again, and continued to happily play in the family room until a little after 1am. UGH!!!

So that was our week. It started raining during the night Fri. night, which brought some much appreciated relief from the heat!

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Ann@His Grace To Me said...

You must have sent the heat my way, because it was cool-ish last week, but it's blazing hot now.

We're working on blueberries as well. Only 2 weeks before the farms near me close, so I'm freezing as fast as I can!