Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

We had a good week overall! While the first part of the week was hot, the weather was GORGEOUS the last few days (hotter today, and supposed to be HOT this next week), we've had the windows open and I'm loving falling asleep to the sound of frogs on the pond, and waking up to the sound of bird singing in the morning. Today we gave in & closed up & turned the A/C back on though.

We've been enjoying our world geography unit, this week, we've learned about North & South America and Asia, as well as how to read maps & globes, so far. We'll learn about the rest of the continents this coming week.

Have I mentioned yet that we've started working on cursive, at A1's request. Interestingly, now that we're into it, A2 seems to be more "into" it, and progressing more quickly. I think in time, being able to write cursive will cure alot of A2's dislike of copywork/writing.

For some reason, one of our flower beds this year ended up full of tomato plants (tomatoes have never been planted there, the only thing I can figure out is that one of the packets of "mixed flower" seeds that we planted in that bed was actually tomato seeds, good thing I didn't really care about the flowers LOL). So, we spent time this week transplanting a bunch of the tomato plants to another part of the garden, we'll see if they survive. I still have some in the flowerbed that I either need to just pull out or find another place for, because we ran out of room where we were moving them.

In other gardening news, the wild raspberries are ripening. Despite the extreme heat, I'm hoping we can get out & get some picking done this week, since I'm sure they'll be gone by the time we get home from our travels with Daddy. The girls have been keeping the bushes in our backyard picked. One day they took Little Bit with them (she was more than happy to help eat what they picked), all was going well until I heard a scream & A1 came running and told me that "A2 and Little Bit are covered in big black ants!!" Apparently A2, while holding Little Bit had stood or sat (she was sitting when I got there, not sure if she sat down before or after she saw the ants) on a nest of the big black ants. They were crawling ALL over both of them. Once the girls moved OFF the nest area it was just a matter of brushing all the ants off, there are a few spots on Little Bit that look like they might be bites (A2 is a bug magnet, she always has bug bites of somesort, so no telling if any of hers are ant bites), but neither seem any the worse for the experience.

Yesterday A1 & A2 told children's story at church. They'd been planning to tell a story about the cats, but then Daddy suggested a "4th of July story" so they ended up telling part of the Sybil Luddington story that's on one of our Your Story Hour CDs.

As already mentioned, last night we went to fireworks.

Today we went to a local town parade, complete with decorated bikes and strollers, so fun! We'd talked about grilling this evening but it's SO hot, think we'll do something INDOORS. Once it (hopefully) cools down later this evening, the girls have some sparklers they want to do.

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