Saturday, July 3, 2010


Tonight we began our 4th of July celebrations by going to fireworks. A local high school does a fireworks display that conveniently can be seen well from the parking lot of the Rite Aid near our house, so, we went to Rite Aid LOL. Before we left we snapped a couple pictures of the girls in their matching 4th of July shirts & denim skirts (all 3 have matching 4th of July flip flops too, but Little Bit didn't keep hers on very well LOL).

A1 was sitting in the recliner and Little Bit climbed up beside her, so we had A2 jump into the picture too.
The big girls posing for the camera.

Watching fireworks from the Rite Aid parking lot.

Little Bit sharing candy with Daddy.

I was rather nervous about such a late night (the fireworks didn't START until 10pm) but we had the big girls at least lay down for awhile this afternoon. They insist they didn't sleep but they rested quietly in their rooms for 2 1/2 hrs, I'm pretty sure they slept!!! And let Little Bit take a later, longer-than-normal, nap too. And we chose Rite Aid's parking lot (rather than some of the other stores in the same area, because we could turn w/o having to cross traffic and take back roads home. We got there a little before 9pm, and between snacks and running around on the grassy hill, the time didn't drag too badly. The big girls did awesome about jumping right in the car when the fireworks were over and we were able to come home w/o any traffic/crowd issues, whew!

We'll continue our fun tomorrow, with a local town parade, and sparklers tomorrow evening (thanks to Miss Tami, at church who gave the girls some sparklers).

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