Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Actually I think this is a 2 week wrap-up, but anyway . . .

LAST week, we had a busy week, going to Sesame Place, and getting ready for, leaving on, our trip.

I've already posted about some of our museum adventures this week. The rest of the week consisted of spending more time at the same museums (see some random pictures below):

I assume A1 was listening to some sort of recording on "Curious George's phone" but had to laugh to see my talker-kid on the phone in the middle of a museum.

My parents stopped by for a day or two on their way to Ohio, so came with us on some of our adventures, including visiting the "incline" that's taken commuters and tourists up and down a very steep hill since the 1870s.

There was a lookout at the top of the incline, where we had a great view of the city, and Little Bit was enjoying some running time, BUT it was relatively close to a street, so we put the ring sling to use as a "leash" to keep her slightly contained.

We also spent a fun, but HOT Sabbath afternoon at the zoo. It's a nice zoo, not so big as to be overwhelming, but big enough. It's fun to see Little Bit getting old enough to enjoy the animals too. But I think her favorite part was a couple places where they had "mist" spraying out for people to cool off abit. She's such a water baby! At the elephant exhibit there was a "river" dividing the elephants from the people, and she was quite annoyed that we wouldn't let her get IN the water LOL.

And in the morning, we pack up and leave Pittsburgh behind. It's been a fun week, but I'll admit, I won't be sad to see the last of our small, crowded, hotel room (with NO counter space).

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to talk about "school" in these updates too, aren't I? We DID slip in a little school while we were here, besides all the science learning that went on with museums, zoos, figuring out how the incline worked, etc. We're wrapping up Polished Cornerstones, so kept at that in the mornings, at least some days, and we're in the midst of reviewing a handwriting program (look for my review on that at the end of Aug), so we slipped that in some too. And made it more fun by practicing in the sand at the Children's Museum one day LOL.

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