Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - April 10

We began our week away from home.  As I mentioned in last week's wrap-up, we were in Erie, PA on Sunday. Monday we left Erie and headed to my parents' house (but they weren't there, we just borrowed their house as a self-service bed & breakfast, hee hee).  Little Bit was very confused to be at Mama & Papa's house but not be able to find them, she was never upset, just kept asking where they were.

Tuesday the girls and I spent a little while at the outlets while dh had a meeting, then we showed the girls around the boarding school that we both went to for high school, and then headed over to a friend's house for awhile before heading home.  It had been around a year since we'd gotten together with these friends, but all the children picked right back up with their friendship as if it had only been a few days (after lots of comparing of their new ages and such, so cute to listen to them all). Even the littlest ones (newly 2, and almost 3), who I'm sure don't remember each other, did great. 

So, we finally made it back home Tuesday evening. The rest of the week was pretty routine. 

We're continuing to read through the Bible chronologically for Bible (but I didn't take the Daily Bible with us on our trip, so ended up finding a chronological reading plan on You Vision (the Bible app on my smartphone), so now I'm going to stick with that, it's more portable LOL). And continuing with our Spanish word-per-day calendar, though I'm threatening to add a few extra words because they're memorizing them so fast (once they both know a word I move the flashcard to the "once a week pile" instead of the every day pile), that they're down to 4 or 5 flashcards in their daily pile right now.

Still loving nature walks. We took longer walk on a nice day. Little Bit did a good job of keeping up with us. We were looking for signs of spring, and found plenty including the daffodils blooming (both in our flower beds, and down by the creek), forsythia in full bloom out in the meadow, the mama goose is setting on a nest by the pond, and some trees are starting to show hints of green.

The girls are loving the spelling computer program we're reviewing.

We also started reviewing a new math computer program. They're not too excited about it (it's basically just math drills), but go through it quickly & don't whine, so that's good enough for me. 

And that was pretty much our week.

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