Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - April 17

Wow, I didn't manage to do ANY posts this week, oops! (or as Little Bit would say . . .oooopsh)

We had a good week. We've got alot going on with school & reviews right now, but the girls are handling it well. We seem to be in a pretty good routine for school now.

Tuesday night was my normal bookclub. BUT at the last minute, Daddy agreed to take Little Bit too. He took all 3 girls to Chuck E Cheese and I got to relax abit more than usual at bookclub. Rodney said both big girls did a great job of helping with Little Bit and such.  MiniMe, true to her nickname, was VERY into it. Since Little Bit is potty trained I don't carry a diaperbag per se, and figured Rodney wouldn't really go for carrying my orange purse hee hee. So . . . earlier in the day MiniMe and I went through her purses and bags & found a smallish black purse that was big enough to put Little Bit's sippy cup, my bare minimum first aid supplies, that I went over with MiniMe how to use them (arnica tablets, rescue remedy spray, bandaids and my oil blend that I use on cuts & scrapes  - lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil blended with a little bit of olive oil as a carrier oil. But since lavender is such a gentle oil, I don't dilute it much). She also took her iTouch along . . ."in case Little Bit wants to play tic tac toe on it".  Rodney said MiniMe carried the purse most of the night, finally gave it to him when she realized it was getting in her way trying to follow Little Bit through the climbing structure.

Wednesday, our neighbor, Judy had invited us for dinner, and egg dying. Judy's niece Sara, who is ADORED by all 3 of my girls, and one of her friends, came too. Sassy & MiniMe had a BLAST egg dying. I think the combination of being older and also having Sara & Laurel to show them what to do and help them when they needed help, really helped them to figure it all out. Little Bit "helped" dye a couple eggs, but most of the time Judy and/or I just played with her in the other room, or held her so she could see the "pitty" eggs.  Since we took most of the eggs home with us, MiniMe and Sassy made bread Thursday morning, and we invited Miss Judy (or JuJu, as Little Bit calls her) to come have egg salad sandwiches with us for lunch. Yummy, yummy! After lunch the girls took Judy on a "tour" of our garden that they've been working on.

Thursday evening was our moms' book club. Our usual hostess was busy, so we had it at my house. Thankfully, I'd straightened things up some, so things weren't as messy as they often (usually) are. This book club is just 3 of us, so this month it was just Penny and I. She'd brought her 2 boys with her (usually she leave the 4 yr old home with Daddy, but Daddy was busy this time). It worked out well. The big girls were outside ("gardening" I think) when they got here, so the 4 yr old stayed outside and played with them. Later they all came in and played up in the girls' room. Other than the little ones (Little Bit and J (18 months-ish)) wanting to play upstairs with the bigger ones, and the older ones not being real thrilled with that, things went well.

So that was pretty much our week.  We had a mix of sun and rain, but on the sunny days Sassy & MiniMe managed to dig up all our garden beds, and get the "early" seeds planted. They assure me that they'll stick with things better this year, we shall see . . .

And the final "news" for this week, really is part of next week's news, because it was this morning. But I'm going to include it here anyway.

Ever since we went to Erie a couple weeks ago, Sassy's cat, Socks, has been missing. He's been gone for several days at a time before, but never THIS long (2 weeks, I think it's been).  Sassy was doing really well with it. Saying he must have found a new home. So then this morning, he showed up on the porch.  He wanted to come in the house (he's usually been the one who wants to come in, at least if he's hungry, so I wasn't surprised).  Sassy wants to keep him inside for a little while, so we're seeing how it goes. He shows no interest in going outside, even when the girls are out there. So we're going with it. He seems ok overall. He definitely has some "battle scars" that look pretty fresh, so not sure what all he went through while he was gone. But he's fine with the girls, spent a good part of today sleeping in Sassy's lap, accepted Little Bit's "love" . . . The one thing that's a little bit concerning, when MiniMe brought her cat, Moccasin in to "see his brother" (he wasn't around this morning when Socks got home), and said that Socks hissed at him, and ran away. So . . . not sure what's up with that. Hopefully over time the "boys" (as we call our 2 male cats) the re-bond with each other.

So that was our week.

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