Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day at the Creek

While we were visiting my parents, we had a different kind of nature lesson. We spent a lovely morning with some friends, playing in their creek. Actually we spent Monday afternoon, playing in the creek with them, and then as we were leaving, Laura, knowing that I was planning to visit another of our friends, Vicki, the next day, and invited us all to come back and play in the creek some more. And Vicki's a lovely photographer, so here are a few pictures of our fun day at the creek!

All the big girls ran on ahead, complete with their buckets and traps, they were hoping to catch minnows, but they got side tracked once they got to the creek LOL.

The first day, not planning to wade in the creek, I was wearing a denim skirt, and found it, errr . . . challenging . . . to keep the skirt out of the water and help Little Bit wade in the creek. And she LOVED it! The rough rocks didn't phase her in the least! For that matter, when she got tired of wading, she was running around in the woods barefoot too.  So . . . the second day I planned abit better and wore a lightweight skirt that I could just let get wet, and then dry out.

When Little Bit wasn't wading, she was running around the woods. The ground was COVERED with little white wildflowers!

Laura had kindly brought a couple chairs out for the adults to sit in. But as you can see, Little Bit thought the chair was a great place to relax once she wore herself out running around. I had to bribe her with nursing to get her to share her chair with me, hee hee.

Meanwhile, the big girls were busy playing in the creek. THEY got soaked both days. Monday, I just had them take off the wet stuff once we got in the car, and handed them their car blankets (I keep some thin fleece blankets in the car for when someone whines about being cold) for the ride home. The second day, we brought changes of clothes, o they could get wet without worries, not that they'd worried the first day LOL.

Of course, wading in the creek wasn't enough, they had to REDIRECT the creek abit too. . . everyone except the littlest littles were working together for awhile to make a "pool" by building a rock wall around a sandy area they were digging out.

We all had a wonderful time. The weather was lovely, the company was perfect, and the woods and creek provided plenty of opportunity for limitless creative play.

It also inspired me to make it a priority to take them out to the creek in OUR woods this summer. Now to get it to be sunny (or at least not raining) and warm enough to actually do it!

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