Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pittsburgh Trip 2011 - Part 4

 Our last day in Pittsburgh we went to Carnegie Science Center. Little Bit loved the little kid area. There were sorting toys and puzzles to play with.
 Building toys to build with.
 And her favorite, a huge water table area that had a bunch of ping pong balls in it. She had great fun scooping and pouring the water AND ping pong balls, and would have happily stayed there all day!
 Meanwhile the big girls were doing all kinds of things, most of which I didn't get pictures of. I DID get a picture of them working together to build an "earthquake-safe structure". You build it and then pushed a button and the platform it's sitting on shakes like an earthquake.
They also had fun with the huge "operation" game. Though they got frustrated when other kids came and "helped", especially ones who thought the point was to make the nose beep, and messed up their concentration.

Things I didn't get pictures of included riding a simulated roller coaster, jumping on, and doing flips on a trampoline, enjoying the big model train display. "Doing surgery". Learning about electrical currents. Learning about animation. Making a fish craft. Touching a hissing cockroach and a lizard of some sort (they could probably tell me what kind if I asked. . . and probably other things I'm forgetting.  They also got to see an Imax-type film on tornadoes, which they thought was pretty cool. Even MiniMe who is TERRIFIED of storms, liked the movie about them.

That evening we enjoyed having dinner with the Pittsburgh pastor and his family. Somehow Pastor Austin mentioned that he'd been a student missionary in Thailand, which led to the girls "drilling" him on Thai words, and asking about life in Thailand. So we had an extra little language/culture lesson with dinner.

And that wraps up our Pittsburgh Trip!

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