Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - August 21

We had a quieter week this week, aaaahhhhhh (I had fun last week, but I'm still a homebody at heart LOL).

We've  been having fun with our history, still learning about various Native American tribes. This week we were learning about the Nez Perce, otherwise known as "Kaya's tribe" for fans of the American Girl Kaya books. Since I knew it was coming up, and figured the girls would enjoy reading the whole series, I brought it along on our Pittsburgh trip a few weeks ago, and they've been reading in their free time since then as well, so they finished the series up this week. Then we got to read "Welcome to Kaya's World" for history this week, which was an interesting "wrap-up" after reading the series.

We're also enjoying learning about Picasso for art.

I've been going through Before Five in a Row (watch for a review next month) with Little Bit and she is LOVING her "school". One of the activities I did with her this week was gluing, and she REALLY liked that. The next day she asked "me glue Jesse's food again?" so, of course, we had to do it again LOL.

MiniMe and I had our monthly "date" this week. It's always fun to get to talk one-on-one with one of my girls, I love hearing the things that they come up with. And bonus, she was thrilled to go to Goodwill with me after we ate! We had fun shopping together without having to keep track of Little Bit, yay! When we got home, Little Bit said "My friends are here now! Yay!!!" So glad to know that she considers MiniMe and me to be her friends LOL.

One day this week the girls decided they wanted a "covered wagon" so they put the dining room chairs together and draped a blanket over them. Little Bit was not to be left out, she jumped right into the game with them. Sassy was "Pa", MiniMe was "Ma", and Little Bit and some dolls were the children. She did quite well at following the game, considering she has never seen anything resembling a covered wagon LOL.  At one point Sassy was "making her bed" and used one of Little Bit's fleecy blankets and Little Bit came running over to me crying that "Mommy, Pa too my blanket!" So she was very much "in character" LOL.

As you can tell, Little Bit is an absolute riot these days!! Last night when I was reading her Sabbath school lesson, it was talking about the widow's mite and said that when we give our offering at church we are giving our money to Jesus and she said "my offering is giving money to Jesus? Dat make me SO happy!"  awwwwww!!!

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The Adventurer said...

Busy week glad you got to spend so time with your children:)