Friday, August 12, 2011

Yay! The Home Keeper's Journal is back this week!

In my kitchen this week ……….I've been gone most of the week with our field trips (see the last 2 posts), but on Sunday I finally tackled the project I've been thinking about for awhile now. I cleared off the "fireplace counter" that is SUCH a hot spot for me, mainly because it's not a very usable counter for me, and moved all my small appliances (and the not-so-small dehydrator) over there. It's what I've felt would work best there ever since we moved here, BUT there's no electricity on that wall. I gave up on trying to figure out a "pretty" solution to that and just ran a heavy extension cord from the closest outlet, across a small walkway (taped down to the floor so we don't trip over it) and onto that counter, then plugged a power strip into that so everything can be plugged in. I've warned the girls (and hubby) to NOT try to run them all at once since this puts them all on one breaker, but I think we'll be ok with that, and it makes it SOO much easier to access them then having them all tucked away in cupboards and corners AND having to put whatever appliance I need to use on the only other counter space in the kitchen. So I'm happy with it.  The other use of this counter (when/if I can keep it cleared off) is that the lower height works for the girls to stand at, and I think there's enough space in front of the appliances for it to still work for that.  Here's the picture (our Berkey water filter sits there as well):

Around the house …….our project this week was getting the girls' loft play area. It was a project, but so nice to get it done. We've also officially set up a "bed" on the floor in the girls' room for Little Bit. So far she only sleeps in there for naps, but it's a start.
The family ….. Hubby has been travelling this week. He's been home at night, but been busy all week long. The girls and I were busy with our field trips, and playing with their friend, L, when they were home.  Little Bit and I enjoyed some of the activities from Before Five in a Row (review coming next month) while the big girls were busy playing.
New projects …… more baking and making things from scratch, hopefully, now that the appliances are more accessible. Continuing to declutter and organize things around here, though I guess that's not a "new" project, I'm always hoping to work on that . . . 
Ideas …… I'm really hoping to do regular field trips this year. There are so many fun-sounding things to do in this area, I want to try to get into a routine of doing a field trip once a week or once every other week or whatever.
Light Bulb Moments …… I must have dim lightbulbs, I'm drawing a blank on this LOL.

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