Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - August 14 (a couple days late)

Not sure why I'm so late with this wrap-up, just other (boring, day-to-day) stuff kept bumping it down the to do list I guess. You've heard most of the news from last week anyway. . . in our field trip posts.

Other than all the fun field trips . . . not a whole lot happened.

I did remember to snap a picture of Little Bit sleeping in the "girls' room" one of the days that we were home for naptime. Her bed is a down comforter folded to fit the space between MiniMe's bed and the bookcase. Add her "blues clues pillow" and her favorite striped blanket, and she's set. She now naps in their room whenever we're home for nap. The night time transition is going to be more challenging since it will mean changing her bedtime too. Currently she stays up until 10:30 or so, but . . . that means I still get a decent length nap out of her during the day and time to get a couple things done before she wakes up most mornings, so for now, I'd rather have her up later at night than sacrifice sleep somewhere else. . .

We didn't do much school last week, other than field trips. But we did continue moving forward with spanish. Little Bit has started answering some of the flash cards, the girls have declared it "not fair" that she gets to learn Spanish "without trying" LOL.

We also did history on Friday. Which put us back "on track" to match up with the weeks in the lesson plan. Not a huge deal, but my personal sense of "order" likes to have one topic per week instead of splitting them mid-week since that's the way the curriculum is set up.

Friday evening Sassy and MiniMe were complaining that they didn't have anything to do during church, and I commented on how nice it had been of Sassy, the week before, to help one of the younger children with a puzzle (Little Bit has a book of 6 piece Bible puzzles that I sometimes bring for her, a visiting little girl asked to play with it, but was having a hard time with the puzzles, so Sassy did a very nice job of helping her without taking over), and that gave them the idea to bring their own bag of activities and help keep the younger children quietly busy so the parents could listen better. It was a mixed success . . . it was a challenging group of children this week, so nothing short of a miracle (or duct tape LOL) would have kept that particular mix quiet enough for the adults to really hear, but I think the children enjoyed it, and Sassy and MiniMe certainly were NOT bored in church LOL.

And that was our week.

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