Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not Back to School Blog Hop: Schoolroom Week

Not Back to School Blog HopAs I was thinking about Schoolroom Week this year, I was leaning toward just skipping this week. For one thing, we're traveling, so it's not like I can take pictures of our "schoolroom". For another, for all practical purposes, at home, our "school room" is the same as it was last year, so it didn't seem like it would be a very interesting post, even if I was organized enough to pre-write it to post while I was gone, or (more likely) posted it late, after I got home.

Then it hit me! I can share some of the less traditional "school rooms" that are, from time to time, a very important part of our school. So, without further ado:

The Motorhome:  My parents have a motorhome that we sometimes get to travel in with them. While we drive the girls often read books (either for history, or books of their own choosing, which still counts as "reading books" . . . I don't see a need to assign specific "reading books" as long as they're reading a variety on their own).  When we stopped for gas, the girls lined up with me in the "walkway" in front of the sofa and table and we did part of our "PE" from the Fitness program we are currently reviewing (I couldn't figure out a good way to get a picture, but it was pretty amusing to watch). At least one evening on this trip, we'll turn the motorhome into a "movie theater" to watch a video for history.  The girls also listened to part of Women in Blue and Gray.

Whatever house we're in.  We don't just learn at our house. Wherever we are we can read books:

We've been visiting my aunt and uncle, who are avid birders. Aunt Darla spent a bunch of time getting the girls "hooked" on birding, so our "school room" those days included the large family room window that looks out at the bird feeder area:

And of course outdoors is always part of our school room. On this particular day, that meant going on a birding walk with Aunt Darla:

When there is cooking to be done, or cookies to be made, the kitchen is an important part of our school room.

More outdoor schoolroom time, came when we visited a park with a mini-zoo of sorts. The birds of prey area was an awesome classroom since we were lucky enough to be there while they were feeding the birds, and the volunteers were wonderful about answering the girls' questions.

And of course, that's just from a couple of days. We also enjoy National Parks, historic sites, museums . . . the world truly IS our classroom!

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