Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up - Aug 28

Busy busy busy . . .

So our last wrap-up was all about our trip to TN, and ended with us heading back to my parents' house. We got to their house Monday evening.

Tuesday was our "catch-up" day. . . laundry, garden, fun stuff like that.

Wednesday we headed to Mount Vernon. We went last December, and decided to get season passes so we'd be able to come back this summer, when the farm and gristmill were open. And we were planning to go a couple months ago, but that trip to my parents' house, the weather didn't cooperate. So it suddenly hit me, as we were driving home from TN, that we needed to get back there before stuff closed down again for the winter!

Wednesday was PERFECT! It was hot, but considering it was August, not hot enough to complain (though that didn't stop the kids LOL). This is a great time of year for such things, schools have mostly started, so the summer tourists weren't there, but since schools are JUST starting, they aren't doing field trips yet, so no school groups either. We spent quite awhile at the farm, learning about the 16-sided barn (for threshing wheat), and how flax turns into linen and such. Once we finished at the farm we headed over to the Gristmill and Distillery. The distillery tour was abit over my girls' heads, and mine, for that matter . . . assuming we have ANY understanding of how whiskey is made would be, inaccurate . . . but overall it was a great day!

DH had a meeting down closer to my parents' house on Wed, so he decided to come spend the night at their house to see all of us. For the last several days Little Bit had been saying she missed her daddy (and Joy, the kitten). I wasn't sure how late he would get to my parents' house, so hadn't told her he was coming. She was dancing around the kitchen when he walked in the kitchen door, it was priceless! She stopped dead and stared at him, then was SOO SOO SOO excited to see him!

The next morning, when he brought his suitcase out, she turned to me and said "Mommy, can we go home TODAY?!?" She's definitely daddy's girl!

Thursday we went to Antietam Battlefield. We are planning to go back next month for the 150th anniversary of the battle (the battle was Sept 17, the "festivities" run that whole week), but it occurred to me that it would be too hectic/crowded/chaotic for the girls to actually do the Jr Rangers when we're there for the 150th, so it made sense to go do it now, so they knew abit more about the battle ahead of time. When I'd posted a picture from Mt. Vernon on fb on Wed, my friend, M, had commented that she & her kids had actually talked about going to Mt Vernon that day, but had decided not to. So . . . when, on the way home from Mt. Vernon, we decided to go to Antietam on Thurs, I e-mailed M, and told her we were going to Antietam if they wanted to come too. They decided to come and we all had a great time! M has triplets a few months younger than MiniMe and Sassy, and a 5 yr old. Sassy & MiniMe had met one of the triplets this spring when he came with M to CHAP (homeschool convention), but hadn't met the other kids since we lived in MD (and didn't remember them from then). This was M's kids' first junior ranger, and it was a great one to start out with, fun, little to no "busy work", not so hard that it's frustrating . . . it was great!

Friday we finally headed home. We had a great trip, but it's good to be home, and back to our normal routines. And for some reason, my computer is charging my phone, but not "seeing" it, so for now I'll post this without pictures.

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