Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - February 18

Ugh, what a week!

The week started out great. On Sunday, we met friends at Reading Public Museum.  There's a Lego exhibit there right now that we thought the kids would enjoy. And they did. Though if our combined schedules had allowed for a week day that would have been less crowded. Still, it worked out well. The area was small enough, and had few enough exits, that I was comfortable letting the older girls go wherever, and since the building with regular Legos (that they would have enjoyed), was crowded enough that they weren't real into it, so they were happy to help watch the "little kids", which meant each of the "little kids" (my Little Bit, and my friend's two boys) could play where THEY wanted to, without having to take turns with siblings :-)  Little Bit's favorite was the big rubber blocks.  She spent most of her time there.
One of the things Little Bit did with the big rubber blocks, several times, was to build a "duck". Here's a picture she asked me to take of her with one of her "duck" creations. 
I didn't get a chance to take many pictures of the big girls, because they were off in other areas, but I did get a picture of MiniMe and Little Bit "jousting". Nothing like having big sister give you PERMISSION to hit you with a big foam stick, right? She was so funny with it. I love the look on her face in the close-up of her with the jousting stick too :) 

After we had enjoyed the Lego display or quite awhile, we headed out to the rest of the museum for the big girls' enjoyment. We had to move pretty quickly, since it was approaching naptime (AND we hadn't had lunch), but the girls seemed to enjoy it. I told them sometime when life settles down abit we'll see if Daddy can either watch Little Bit while I take them back to the museum, or he can take them while I stay home with Little Bit. I did snap a picture of them trying to figure out the origami interactive exhibit. We couldn't stay long enough for them to actually make something, but I liked how intense they both look, and how alike (I know, they're twins, but I hadn't realized they were wearing similar colors (on top, MiniMe was wearing a shirt & skirt, Sassy was wearing a dress) & each had a flower barrette until I looked at the picture LOL)

So, that was Sunday, GREAT day! Then the rest of the week happened, sigh . . . MiniMe came and woke me up around 4am to tell me that Little Bit was throwing up, UGH! So that was Monday.

Tuesday, Little Bit was feeling better. Wednesday my parents came up to continue helping us with the renovations, and during the night Wed night, it was my turn to catch the stomach bug, sigh . . . MiniMe joined me a couple hours later. On a positive note, since my mom was here, I had my first true "sick day" in years :) Since the girls' room is so far from the bathroom, once MiniMe threw up, she decided our bed looked more convenient (and Rodney was away on business), so she and I just pretty much slept all day, and Mom took care of Little Bit, and generally kept things running around here.

That afternoon, as we were starting to feel like we might live, Sassy's turn came. She'd been feeling "off" all day, but finally started throwing up mid-afternoon. The only "good" thing about that was, with the long incubation period (Mon morning to Thurs morning), I was concerned that if one or both of the big girls didn't have it on Thursday, with me, they might catch it FROM me, and be sick on Sunday, when we were committed to babysit for a friend, so she could help a mutual friend move. 

I had to laugh, it was VERY obvious when MiniMe started to feel better, she went from "sleeping" to finding my dad and "bombarding" him with all the questions she'd been storing up ALL day about the various projects he was working on around here :) 

Friday, I still had no energy, and Sassy was still recovering (not really eating much yet), but we were all on the mend . . . 

So that was our week (and to top things off, once my parents got home, they both got sick, though Dad's case was mild) too, ugh!).  NOT the most fun week we've ever had, but such is life.  Thankfully, Rodney didn't catch it from Little Bit, and was gone while the rest of us were sick, so I think he escaped this round.

I'll wrap up, with a cute picture of all 3 girls in their nightgowns ready to go upstairs to bed after their baths Friday night :)

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