Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: February 23

This week was a distinct improvement over last week.  On Sunday, our lovely friend, Denise was moving. Since Rodney was working and, with Little Bit in tow, I couldn't be much help with the actual moving, my contribution was to watch E & J so that their parents could both help with the move. I'm going to count the day a resounding success, since, when Penny arrived to pick the boys up, J's response was "I thought you were going to be spend a LONG time, moving Miss Denise" (the boys had been at our house for approx 5 hours, but I guess that wasn't a "long time" in J's world). And E begged his mom to let HIM stay, since HE didn't need a nap LOL.  The kids built with Legos and played with the balloon rockets, that Sassy & MiniMe made a few weeks ago. Little Bit of was putting stickers on a box (something she's been doing quite abit, since we unpacked a big stack of stickers, and there are plenty of boxes floating around). J wanted to "help", so I found another box, and another sheet of stickers and he settled in beside her on the steps, that's perhaps the "calmest" moment of the entire day, but isn't it cute :)  The CALM activity only lasted until the big girls suggested that the boxes would make great ROCKETS, and then proceeded to push the little ones around in said boxes for the next however long.

My only organized activity of the day was making cookies. Denise had mentioned that she'd gotten a new cookie jar to match her new kitchen, so I figured making cookies would be a nice gift for Miss Denise AND would keep all the kids calmly occupied for awhile. It worked wonderfully, and I think the kids all had fun with it.

The rest of the week was school, unpacking, renovations, same old, same old . . . :) I couldn't resist snapping this picture of Moccasin when he was sitting in the school room window while we were doing school. Silly cat, was acting like he wanted to get in the OTHER window, but couldn't because that cactus was in his way, so I had Sassy move the cactus to the other windowsill, so THEN he went and sat on that windowsill with the cactus. Whatever . . . 

My mom decided not to come up this week. She was concerned that Grandma would get the stomach bug that we'd all had, and didn't want her to be alone if she was sick. So, Dad came up by himself. Little Bit handled it pretty well, but it did mean I didn't get much unpacking done. It  also meant the girls did some of the cooking this week. MiniMe insisted her "baby" needed to be on her back while she cooked lunch.

Unpacking has renewed the girls' interest in board games. Somehow, when they sat in the cupboard at the old house, nobody ever noticed them, but pulling them out of the boxes and onto a shelf here, caught their attention, so we've been playing more board games. The older girls are enjoying Sorry, and are VERY proud to report that they have both beat Daddy at Stratego a couple times. He told them, before playing, that he was "the master", then taught them the game, and they both beat him, they are quite cocky about it LOL. Little Bit has been enjoying Candy Land (somehow in the packing and unpacking process, we ended up with our "antique" Candy Land (it was my dad's when he was a kid) on the shelf instead of the Dora version we got when Sassy and MiniMe were little. She explains that we have to be careful because it's an antique, so cute.  Her other new favorite is Wildcraft. We've had this game for a few years now, but had never played it much. The big girls noticed it, and wanted to play it because they recognized it as being by the same company as the Herb Fairies stories we've been loving. They are enjoying the game, but Little Bit is LOVING it, we play it at least once, most days. She loves to "get hurt" and check to see if her has the right herbs to fix whatever card she gets.

My dad is making good progress on the new shower. It's starting to look like a shower :) It's starting to really look like a shower. He has the walls up, and was able to start putting the plumbing stuff in before he left Friday. He still needs to finish the plumbing, drywall the wall he had to build, do the wiring and put in the switch for the exhaust fan that he put in the wall above the shower, and do all the "finishing work. So still lots to do, but it's starting to look more like a shower :)

He also has cut the boards for the bookshelves we're going to have instead of a banister on the stairs.

This week, I started noticing a "sewer" smell in the pantry. When I asked Dad about it, he said it was probably because the laundry sink that was in there wasn't being used and the water had dried up in the trap (since I didn't need a sink in the pantry, I'd set a bin with all the kids' snow stuff (boots, snowpants, etc) into the sink, to utilize the space until Dad had time to take it out. So I cleared that out, and Dad confirmed that was where the smell was coming from, so that became another project this week. Now I have more storage space in the pantry, and need to decide if I want to leave it as empty space (right now I have the folding chairs in that space) or put shelving there, or what.

Today in Sabbath School, Little Bit and J were being soo cute. Penny got most of the pictures, of them working together as "helpers" to pass things out (to Penny, MiniMe and Sassy, since there weren't any other kids), but I did snap a picture of them during the story time. Sassy was telling the story, and had them help her by putting up felts. It's cute to see them get more used to the programs and continue to interact with each other, so fun.

This afternoon, the girls were painting their nails, and decided they needed to paint Daddy's nails too. Being the awesome Daddy he is, he agreed. Little Bit painted his toenails, and then the big girls set to work on his fingernails. Sassy's birthday gift to MiniMe was a set of nail pens, and when they were painting their nails, she asked if she could give them to MiniMe now, instead of waiting till next month. So they were having fun with being able to draw details on their nails, and Daddy's.  

Isn't he a good Daddy? I love the glee on MiniMe's face while she's painting his nails LOL.

And that was our week.


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