Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up - June 23

It's hard to believe that today marks 6 weeks since Rodney's surgery! In some ways it doesn't seem that long, in other ways, it seems like it's been forever!

 He's doing alot better. This past week he stopped using the walker for walking outside. He's never "needed" it for walking, but has been using it for balance just in case, because sometimes he feels light headed. Sometime this past week he decided he felt good enough to walk without it. I walk with him, so if he felt light headed he could hold onto me, but so far hasn't needed to.

My parents came up for a day to help with a few projects around here. One of the projects I wanted Dad's help with was to figure out a way to keep the sheets on the  trundle bed from getting torn when Ashlyn pushes it under the bed (we'd just been leaving it out all the time, after ruining 2 or 3 sheets). Dad thought he'd fixed it, by cutting boards to cover the place that was catching the sheets, but somehow, when we pushed it all the way in, thing shifted and now we can't get it back OUT. We COULD remove the boards and go back to leaving it out, or not pushing it quite all the way in, but since we discovered the problem at bedtime, I told Ashlyn to just sleep on the floor that night, and she's kind of liking that. So, as long as she's happy sleeping on the floor, I'm not going to mess with it. Having the trundle out of the way is sure nice!

When we first came home from the hospital, we got a new riding lawn mower. My dad picked it up for us, and showed Ashlyn how to use it. The first time she mowed with it, without Dad here, it started sounding funny, and then started smoking. Since it's a cinch that *I* wouldn't be able to fix it, and Rodney was in no condition to even look at it, we called our neighbor to come look at it. He looked at it, and said a belt had popped off (he assumed Ashlyn had hit a stick or something that had popped it off), and put it back (and showed Ashlyn how to put it back if it popped off again). When Dad was here this past week, he was mowing, and I mentioned the belt incident. He said he'd noticed that the mower was mowing a LOT better than it had when we first got it. So in retrospect, the belt was probably not properly installed when we got it. Ashlyn didn't hit anything, just mowing with it joggled it lose. Sigh . . . But on a positive note, Dad was really impressed with how the mower works NOW :)

By this past weekend Rodney was getting antsy to go SOMEWHERE. . . . and the weather was awesome! So we headed to a nearby playground. I was abit concerned that with it being the weekend, and gorgeous weather, the park would be mobbed, but it really wasn't too bad. Basically just one birthday party, and most of the time they were in another part of the playground.

The big girls were very amused to find that, since they're essentially the same weight, they could perfectly balance on the "teeter totter type things.

Rodney did pretty well, although, not surprisingly, he tired out quickly. Still, we were there long enough for the girls to have a good time, and the exercise and fresh air was good for Rodney :)

They especially liked that they could just sit on this seesaw and be balanced LOL.
And that was our week. Pretty quiet . . . quiet is good :)

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