Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Little Bit!!!

Yesterday was Little Bit's 6th Birthday!!! It's mind boggling to me that she's already as big as her sisters were when she was born!

She had a very busy schedule planned. In fact, so busy that it spilled over into the day before.

Normally Thursday is music lesson day but she didn't want to have to spend her birthday going grocery shopping and playing quietly while we waited for sisters SO our ever-accommodating music teacher agreed to let us switch music lessons to Wednesday this week.

After music lessons we were planning to meet friends at the "dragon playground" (a playground near our old house), but it was cold and rainy so we went to the friends' house instead. Little Bit had a great afternoon playing with K & T, and having blueberry muffin/cupcakes for snack.

Yesterday was all about Little Bit.

She woke up to a trail of pink hearts leading her downstairs, where more pink hearts decorate our big front windows. The table was decorated with a pink cloth, pink balloon, her presents and . . . because I still haven't forked over the money to buy a birthday ring, and I couldn't find any of our modeling clay to make one out of clay like I've done in the past, I made it out of tinfoil this year. Not ideal, but it worked . . . which reminds me, I need to find the clay TODAY or we'll be using the tinfoil again tomorrow morning for Lexie and Ashlyn. We read her "rainbow bridge story" (you can read last year's story here, for this year I added "When she was five years old she learned to write and draw and make scrambled eggs. . . . And now Little Bit is SIX years old! She loves giraffes and Frozen and playing with friends. . . ") and she blew out the candles. Then, for my sweetie whose love language is, without a doubt, "gifts", it was time for presents!!!!!

We continued the tradition of getting a tea cup each year.

She was very excited to get the Elsa doll she's been drooling over every time we go to Target (well, she's been drooling over the bigger dolls too, but Mommy has a limit on what she'll spend on silly, trendy, we'll be tired of it a month from now, toys), and she was happy with the little one.

When all the presents were done, she was pretty happy with her new Frozen stuff :)

At her request, we had ice cream for breakfast . . . then, also at her request, we went bowling.  But before we went bowling, she had to "put on makeup". When we were at K & T's house on Wednesday, they were playing dress-up and K had some of her mom's old makeup that she can use for play, so Little Bit got to try it out and now she's hooked LOL. We talked about how normally makeup is just for dress-up, but agreed that, for her birthday, she could wear some eye shadow (conveniently, of the colors I have, she wanted pink, which doesn't really show) and lip gloss.

I found it absurd that, in a practically empty bowling alley (being 11am on a Thursday), they put us sharing seating and ball return with someone else GRRR . . . they were in lane 1, we were given lane 2, the next lane in use was lane TEN, so I don't know why in the WORLD they didn't give us, oh, say . . . lane 5 (or 3 or 4 or 6 or 7 . . . ) Thankfully, after they finished the game they were in the middle of the boy wanted bumpers for their second game and for whatever reason lane 1 doesn't have bumpers so they moved to a different lane. It wasn't a huge deal, they ignored us, we ignored them, but struck me as odd. . . combined with the fact that she also spelled 2 of my daughters' names wrong DESPITE having them spelled to her as she was typing them (oddly enough, Ashlyn, who is typically spelled wrong (second n) or changed to Ashley, was the one she got right).

Little Bit had a few minutes of whining because she isn't as good as her sisters and daddy (which she noticed more this time, because, much to Ashlyn's excitement, she beat DADDY both games! (and Lexie tied him one of those games). So there was more focus on score then there had been when we went bowling for E's birthday last week. But a fun time was had by all.

A quick lunch out and we headed home, where Lexie attempted cake pops (they need some work, I love that she's all about experimenting in the kitchen! And keeps health in mind, even when making "treats") for the "tea party" that Little Bit had requested for snack time.

We had limeade (because Little Bit doesn't actually like tea) and cookies for tea, and I somehow didn't manage to get any pictures of that, grrrr . . . Little Bit was all decked out in her Anna costume too!

The rain stopped and it was WARM for the first time in forever so the kids rode scooters and worked on the garden and generally soaked up spring in the late afternoon/evening, before coming in for a quick supper before bedtime.

As we were doing bedtime stories, Little Bit asked "why was my birthday so much shorter than other days?" so we talked about how the time seems to go faster when we're having fun . . . I'll take that as a sign that it was most definitely a success :) And now she's SIX!!!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!?!?! And how did turning six make her suddenly look so BIG GIRL instead of my sweet cute LITTLE GIRL?

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