Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Belated Happy 12th (how is that possible?) Birthday to Ashlyn & Lexie!

Lexie and Ashlyn turned TWELVE! on Sabbath!! I'm really not sure how that's possible . . . They are most definitely not little girls anymore, sigh . . . 

The evidences of them not being little girls started the night before, when Lexie explained to Little Bit that, "on your birthday, you got to wake up, and wake us up, whenever YOU wanted . . . on MY birthday, I'm going to sleep in! You can't wake me up tomorrow morning." 

Little Bit grudgingly agreed . . . And came downstairs Sabbath morning wanting to do something to surprise her sisters. I humored her and got out some window markers I picked up on sale awhile back. She had a BLAST decorating the windows for them. And, being the good big sisters they are, they were properly surprised and appreciative :) 
They also humored me with the pictures, and Rainbow Bridge story and even wore the crocheted bead tiaras I'd made, though they were happy when I pointed out that they could later be worn as headbands, necklaces or bracelets. BUT the second I got the camera out they ran back upstairs to get dressed . . . no pictures till we look good :) 

Little Bit was happy to help with presents, and she gathered up all the playsilk wrappings when we were done :) 

After presents, we had a special birthday breakfast of crepes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, YUM!!!

Beyond that, their birthday wasn't very . . . birthday-ish. My grandmother passed away the week before and the memorial service was Saturday afternoon. So the rest of our day was spent getting ready for, and driving to, and attending her memorial.

The girls have always loved hearing stories about people, and the memorial included a wide variety of stories, including some that made Lexie and I realize, for the first time, that Lexie has alot of her Great Grandmother in her :-)

When we got to my parents' house that evening, we discovered that my cousin and his wife, upon hearing that all 3 girls' birthdays were so close, had gotten them birthday presents, so that was a nice ending to their day.

We've talked about possibly having a "Lexie day" and, separately an "Ashlyn day" sometime in the next few weeks since their birthday, in addition to being shared, wasn't very much about them, but we shall see . . . April is shaping up to be pretty jam-packed already.

We ARE still having a birthday celebration with all the grandparents on Sunday, so we still have that to look forward to, as my babies begin their thirteenth year, sob!

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