Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kid funny, and Cool book

First, before I forget, on our way to meet Mama & Papa at Taco Bell today A realized she'd forgotten to bring her doll's baby food. I asked her how old Sweetie (doll) is, and she told me she's 2, so I said "that's no problem, she's big enough she can just eat bites of your food" but then A was disturbed that she'd brought a spoon (for Sweetie) and had nothing to do with it, so I suggested that she could use the spoon to feed Sweetie some of the beans out of her burrito (yes, A's grasp of imagination & reality is such that I was confident she wouldn't feel the need to actually stick the doll spoon in her burrito & smear beans all over her doll's face LOL). To which A replied "there aren't beans in Taco Bell burritos!" I assured her there are, but that they're mushed up (she's comparing, I believe, to Baja Fresh burritos where the beans aren't refried, so still look like beans) to which she said "well, I've never tasted them" and L piped up with "that's because you eat too fast!" I about died. We've discussed before that A eats too fast, A assures me that she DOES taste her food, she just tastes it faster (her words). But she's definitely her daddy's daughter in that respect and pretty much always (except when it comes to ice cream) finishes her food before L does.

Today on our way to lunch we listened to Charlie Parker Played Be Bop on CD (gotta love the library). And I have to say, this is one that I definitely would recommend getting it with the CD!!! The book, by itself, I don't think would be very impressive (at least for kids my kids' age, maybe for younger kids more interested in the "rhythms" of reading than the plot), but having it read "in time" to jazz music, was very cool & the author then goes into a little history about Charlie Parker that I don't believe is in the book itself. Anyway, it was very cool!

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